Positive rebellion

Recently I heard a mother and friend encouraging us to another group of mothers to question everything. He assured that those people who do not look for the whys of life, of their beliefs, of the meaning of their existence, were something like failed projects, because we must all know what our purpose is, the meaning of our existence.

The truth is that this nonconformist spirit it's something that has always attracted me a lot; but it is not an attitude that should lead us to relativism, pessimism or existential doubt. On the contrary, it is a positive proposal so that let us seek with courage the Truth. As parents we have the responsibility of to be well, in depth, with perseverance, with humility, throughout our whole life, since we must be reference for our children, the first people to go to solve their doubts or concerns.

And, in the same way, remember that educating is encouraging them to know the why your beliefs and motivations. We can not be satisfied with having "obedient" children who do everything their parents say, because sooner or later they will be overwhelmed by the pressure of the environment. They have to read, we have to encourage your critical spirit, must know how to choose and for this we must reinforce his will.

How? As simple as teaching them from very young to deny themselves, to master your impulses, to know how to choose and to know how to renounce with joy To be Rebels with a cause that has an illusion for being part of movements that change the world in which they live. Let's encourage positive rebellion in our families.

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