How much does it cost to return to school

Back to school, along with Christmas and summer holidays, It is one of the times of the year that greater expense entails for parents. Studies conclude that the average cost of the return to school will be 838 euros per child approximately. The statistics show how the price rises disproportionately when we talk about public or private and subsidized schools.

Specifically, the return in public schools is around 560 euros per child, compared to 780 euros for a private school and 1,175 euros for a private school.

The cost of returning to school is also conditioned by the Autonomous Community where we are, it has been shown that Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia are the most expensive, exceeding 1,000 euros on average. On the other hand, communities such as Galicia, Canarias or La Rioja are the ones in which less money is used to return to school.

What are the costs of returning to school?

We present below a list of the Main expenses that are taken after the holidays, in the month of September and the average cost per student of said expenses:

1. Monthly school fees. The main difference between public and private and subsidized schools is the payment of monthly fees, which is compulsory for teaching in the last two types of schools. The cost in schools arranged for the payment of these fees is around 150 euros, and in private schools 325 euros.

2. Uniform. In public centers, an expense of 130 euros is estimated, in the 200 agreements and in the private 250.

3. Registration. In the public and arranged schools the payment of tuition is not required, however in the private schools the average per student is 230 euros.

4. School supplies. Includes the payment of backpacks, notebooks, folders or pens. In public schools is 50 euros, in the concerted round between 100 euros, increasing to 130 in private schools.

5. Food. In public schools, it ranges from 95 euros on average per month, in the concerted 130 euros, and in private 150.

6. Transportation. It is one of the expenses that from year to year has experienced the greatest increase. In total, for public schools, the average number of cats per transport per month is 105 euros, in the case of 150 and in private of 175 euros.

Therefore, eThe total annual expense per child, adding the payment of monthly fees, food and transportation it is 2,360 euros in public schools, 4,800 in the public schools and 7,350 in private schools. To these quantities, we must add them those specific to the return to school, which are the expenses in tuition, uniform and school material.

Tips to save before going back to school

These expenses may involve a reason for indebtedness for parents , and more in these times of crisis. Many will resort to financing, which is not the best option because it means an increase in debt in the fall. We present here some alternative options:

- Do not buy the material the last days before starting school, they tend to raise prices. It is necessary to be proactive and better access the offers.

- Do not buy all the material at once. Visit different stores and compare the prices, because they are not the same in all of them.

- Flee school brands or products with advertising resources. White brands cheapen up to 30% and are equally good and useful.

- Try to recycle the material and uniforms of the older children. Sometimes it is good to turn to second-hand books that are made available by those who have already used them, and who are usually in good condition.

- Do not resort to quick financing credits, because they have high interest rates and it can be very difficult to repay the loan.

Ana Vázquez Recio

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