Eat healthy also on vacations

During the holidays we forget the routine, we are more permissive and we tend to relax before the compliance with the rules. But do not forget that lChildren must maintain healthy eating habits also during the summer. At the right time we must join a good diet rich in fruit and vegetables.

The latest data on childhood obesity in Spain are alarming: 21.7 percent of children between 3 and 12 years old are overweight and of them, 7.3 percent are obese. The Association for the Promotion of the Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables "5 a day" has been launched and wants to remind families of the importance of providing children with five servings a day of fruits and vegetables to achieve a balanced diet.

Refreshing and healthy foods for children

- Seasonal fruits. We can present them as pieces in pieces, in fruit salads with juices or in yoghurt so that they are even more appealing to children. They are sweet to them and have a large amount of vitamins and minerals, necessary for their growth and development.

- Vegetables of the season. In cold or warm creams, in gazpachos or salmorejos ... Vegetables are a complete and nutritious first dish.

- Ice cream and sorbets. It is important that they are home. Making them at home is easy: choose fruit, milk, yogurt, a blender, a mold and freezer.

How to avoid weight gain in children

- Give example. For children to eat healthy, we must do it first.

- Take advantage of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Provides children with at least five daily servings alternating fruit and vegetables. In addition to helping them in their diet, it will be a good solution to combat the heat of these dates, since the fruit provides a high content of water and electrolytes. Involving children in the choice of fruits and vegetables when making the purchase and cooking will help them incorporate these foods naturally in their lives.

- Start the day with a good breakfast. A complete breakfast: fruit, low-fat dairy and wholemeal bread, will provide children with a high amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals and less fat than industrial bakery.

- Avoid biting between hours. And if they do, offer the children fresh fruit to eat.

- Respect the schedules also in summer. Distributes the food in three main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner; and two lighter: snacks.

- Respect digestion. You should wait at least an hour and a half after eating for the next dip in the pool. A cut of digestion can cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and loss of consciousness.

Noelia de Santiago Monteserín

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