10 child safety tips in swimming pools

Summer vacations are not vacations if there is not a pool or a beach to bathe in, but this can also become a risk factor, especially for the kids. Children under 5 years are the most exposed to a fatal accident in swimming pools. A second of distraction can be too much.

The experts assure that a small one can drown in less than 3 minutes in only 20 centimeters of water, without his parents noticing the accident. This does not mean that we have to overprotect children and prevent them from having contact with water, but in any case you have to be careful, especially against drowning. What should we take into account at the time of enjoy the pool and not have any scares? Next, we present you a series of tips to take care of your children in pools and water parks.

How to watch children in the pool

1. If you can not find your child, look for it in the pool first. Every second is vital.

2. Never forget to put the smallest sleeves (better that are not inflatable) or the vest.

3. The adult who watches the children should know how to act in case of accident: several adults can take turns in the supervision of children, but there should always be one in charge as responsible.

4. Teach your children to swim as soon as possible, so they will know their possibilities and limitations in the water.

5. Learn how to practice cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. This can radically change the consequences of an accident.

6. Always carry the phone to the area of ​​the pool to be able to use it without losing sight of the children.

7. When swimming toys are not being used, remove them from the pool to prevent children from reaching them.

8. Keep the water in the Clean pool throughout the yearIn the end it is cheaper and you can see the background clearly.

9. Install a security fence that children and babies can not open or climb or trespass and there is no risk of the door being left inadvertently open.

10. Never, never leave children alone in the pool or near it, not for a moment.

Source: Babysecur

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