Differences between men and women when traveling by car as a family

Men and women have little in common when it comes to traveling by car and getting behind the wheel. A study shows that when it comes to making a family trip, whether it's a holiday period or a leisure trip, both men and women have different habits before getting going and during the journey on the road.

On the occasion of the celebration this week of International Family Day, the insurer Genesis and the Spanish Foundation for Road Safety (Fesvial) have presented the conclusions of the study "Habits of families when traveling in a private vehicle."

In this regard, the figures in the report highlight that the man is still the most habitual driver when traveling as a family Whether they are long or short distances, 79% of them get behind the wheel and only in 20% of cases do they take turns with another driver to rest from driving. Something that women prefer to do, that they are drivers in 24% of family trips and that they take turns with another pilot in 75% of the cases.

Thus, women drive less when it comes to traveling with the family, and that is they are more fearful when accompanied by their closest neighbors. They are the ones that perceive the greatest risk of suffering an accident, specifically 42% compared to 33% of men. If we talk about fear of suffering an accidente, women are also in the lead, since 7 out of 10 he manifests it before the possibility of suffering an accident when he travels with his family.

Previous reviews are women's thing

Once on the road it is important to make stops, and more when the trips are long, when it is advisable to carry them out every two hours of travel. When these stops are made, men are the ones who are more interested in carrying out a technical review of the car, in particular of some elements such as the state of the load or the temperature of the motor. But if we talk about the rprevious preview that must be done to the vehicle before getting on the road win women. 88% of the drivers are more farsighted and check the condition of your vehicle before getting into the car with the family.

Once the car is ready to leave it's time to plan the route. Knowing the route, distance and where to make stops are some of the elements that man does not leave in the inkwell before embarking on a long distance trip. In this case, they are more far-sighted than women, since 12% of them Plan your route in front of 8% of women.

Dangerous behaviors for families

Already on the road, safety is one of the fundamental points and more when the trip is made with children. Among the data of the study, it stands out that still un 8% of children do not travel with their corresponding child restraint device. A circumstance that exposes the child to a serious danger. In addition to safety, it is important that the trip for the children of the house be pleasant, so it is important bring some entertainment for them during the ride. In this case, women pay more attention to this aspect and half of them do not forget to catch the toy favorite for your child.

If we attend to behavior of co-drivers On the highway, we find a clear difference between the two sexes: if the man is the driver, 34% of the co-pilots fall asleep; while only 22% fall asleep when the driver is the woman.

When going on a family trip, there are times when not only do a car move, but several do so, following one another. A dangerous practice on the road, Most of them are drivers between 18 and 29 years old, specifically 65% ​​of them.

Another aspect that needs attention is the luggage and its distribution. It seems obvious that suitcases and other packages are placed in the trunk, as it is the right place and where they are more protected without posing a danger to driving. But both men and women recognize placing part of the luggage inside the car. Men seem to know better the regulatory places like glove compartments and compartments interiors to place luggage, while 47% of women recognize that it is placed under the legs of passengers.

You can consult the full report at www.fesvial.com or at www.genesis.com

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