Respect for teachers in the classroom

The Spanish education system is going through a rough patch due to the demotivation of teachers. The economic crisis and the cuts, the little social prestige that the profession has today, and the lack of respect on the part of the students are some of the reasons why this profession, which was among the most valued after the doctor, be so deteriorated today.

More respect for the teacher

Among the main problems facing teachers today, we highlight the lack of discipline, the excess of students per teacher and the shortage of resources and material resources. Of all these, the one that most affects teachers is the lack of respect in the classrooms. Studies show that one of the main causes of the lack of discipline of studentsis the little time that parents spend with their children inculcating values ​​that should be reflected in their behavior at school and with the teacher.

Most parents agree that students should keep more respect for the teacher. Gone are the times in which this represented the highest authority in the classrooms, because the evolution of society has brought with it that minors show certain defects in education and respect, aspects that were formerly taken into account and that nowadays seem have fallen into oblivion.

Therefore, to improve the work of the teacher and ultimately the educational work in Spain it is necessary to reinforce the authority given to teachers and equip schools with material and technical resources. Likewise, it is necessary to recognize the importance of the work of teachers and that they know how to exercise it adequately. Being a teacher of Early Childhood and Secondary Education requires taking responsibility, apart from the fact that it requires a strong vocation, while being a teacher of vocational training requires a solid formation for its performance. In the case of the university professor, it requires assuming responsibilities and requires a strong vocation.

The functions of the teacher

Among the functions of the teaching staff:

1. In the Children's cycle teaching to relate and communicate with others is the most important thing in the teacher's work

2. The functionof Primary teachers is to contribute to the personal development of the young person.

3. In the case of Secondary, the transmission of knowledge as the main function prevails

4. In Vocational Training and the University The preparation to access and develop in the workplace is the most important.

There are also some common functions for all teachers regardless of the cycle in which they teach. Teachers must organize learning, which entails designing the development of topics, activities and assignments according to appropriate strategies. It must evaluate the students, guiding them in their learning and advising them when they need it. Likewise, teachers are expected to try to join teaching and research, the latter being one of the most effective activities to improve teaching.

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