The period of adaptation to school

The beginning of the school or the nursery is a new period for the children, and each one adapts in their own way. There is no child equal to another, so it is wrong to think that there is a generalized way of adapting to this new stage. We must take into account the personality and personal circumstances of each child, but what all experts agree on is that adaptation to school should be gradual.

The age of children is also a very important aspect to consider, since the situation of the child who goes from kindergarten to preschool is not the same as that of the child who passes from infant to primary school.

Create bonds of trust between parents, teachers and children

It is very important that children maintain bonds of trust with the school, teachers and their classmates, because it is ultimately where they will spend most of their time. The relationship they have with the school will be decisive for their academic development hence, we must try to create the ideal climate for learning.

Little by little the parents will go trusting in the nursery, in the school and in the teacher who is in charge of the children. Once the parents are sure that the environment they have chosen will be the right one for their children, they will be able to transmit those feelings so that they adapt more easily.

Tips to facilitate the adaptation of children to school

1. The communication must behabitual between family and school. The information that parents can give teachers about the child will help them to treat it in the most appropriate way to facilitate their adaptation to the environment.

2. Have specific schedules. It is important to work with the routine and for children to get used to specific times. The youngest ones know that their mother will leave them in the nursery in the morning but they do not know when they will be picked up, and this can cause them some fear and insecurity. If we teach the child to get used to a few hours of entry and exit, it will be much easier to feel comfortable.

3. A person to pick up the child. It is the same person who is responsible for picking up the child in the morning when he arrives at school and taking him in the afternoon to the exit when his mother comes, it is important for them to get used to the routine.

4. The first few hours days. It may be necessary that during the first days the children go to class a few hours, so that they get used to it, and the time increases as the days go by and the child gains confidence, until they get used to the usual schedule.

5. The presence of parents in class. Especially in the first days, parents can spend time close to class so that the child sees that they have not left yet, until they forget they are in a new place and the parents can leave without the child staying crying.

6. Motivate the child to want to stay. As the days go by, it is good to try to make it the child who voluntarily wants to stay with the teacher or with his friends, saying phrases like "go with your friends that in no way do I come back for you".

7. Full dedication to this stage. Entering a learning center is a stage that requires a full emotional commitment on the part of the child, so it is advisable not to join other changes such as leaving the diaper or bottle.

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