Creativity in the development of children

Some define creativity as the result of a process, others as the characteristics of a product and others as a characteristic feature of the personality. Children begin to reflect their creativity at school, especially through artistic or plastic activities. Art is essential for children to express themselves and for them to develop their thinking.

Although there may be different interpretations of creativity, what is clear is that creativity is that for which we are able to create new ideas and solutions. The traits of a creative person cause them to project or imagine a problem in the mind and manage to extract a solution. All people have by nature the impulse to create new things or to do something new, that is, to be creative. These first symptoms are reflected in childhood.

Why it is important to be a creative child

The specialists recommend encouraging the creativity of minors because allows to increase self-esteem and self-awareness, that is, that children feel safe to express their feelings and emotions. Another advantage of creativity is that promotes socialization in children, because being expressive children and not hiding their feelings are more able to know those of others and be more receptive. In addition, creative people they feel more fulfilled and satisfied for doing something for which they have a special gift or a natural talent.

The role of parents in the creativity of children

Dr. Margaret Morgan Lawrence said that children's creativity born in the family crib and in the inner world of parents, hence the importance of these in the development of their children's creativity. Many children fail to develop their inventive skills because parents do not pay enough attention to their empowerment, because they restrict their ideas or because they do not allow them to make decisions.

Dr. Lawrence advises parents to be able to go back to their childhood and try to unleash their creativity so that they encourage their children: "If they were five years old, what would they like to do? ... Dedicate to this a weekly time, it can be more enriching than we think ".

Techniques to encourage children's creativity

To ensure that children are able to think on their own and that they have creative ideas, it is important to keep the following in mind:

1. Promotes freedom of expression so that they generate personal ideas without fear of being wrong. Create a climate of confidence and security for your child.

2. Take time to play with your child. Through play, your child's imagination and emotions flow. Try to be at his height, play and imagine with him to enhance this fun and family atmosphere.

3. Work in a group with your child, put common problems so that everyone participates in the search for solutions.

4. Let your child be wrong. It is essential that your child make mistakes and learn what has been wrong so he can build new learning.

5. Encourages your interests and your curiosity. Point your child to activities that involve creative development and try to use your imagination when talking with you.

Ana Vázquez Recio

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