The dangers of the tupper

Take food to school in tupper it is an increasingly common practice in families. Parents want to make sure that their children eat properly and prefer to send prepared food from home instead of the one they serve in schools, and for that they use the tuppers, although this custom is not without risks.

Studies have shown that lunch boxes or tuppers They can become the main enemies of the foods by the bacteria and addictive that the plastic releases. However, if we know the tips of use we will avoid the risks and also, thanks to the tupper, we make sure to eat, whether it is to take to school or work, to eat a healthy and balanced meal prepared at home.

Temperature and food

When it's time to eat, the children warm up in the microwave in the school dining room. tuppers that their mother sends them from home, without meeting the requirements for cooling and heating They need the food to be completely healthy.

The transportation and food exposure at different temperatures It is one of the most common tupper dangers to which food is exposed. Many foods need to be refrigerated until the moment before cooking them so that they are properly preserved, and if they do not have this refrigeration for a long time they can become contaminated.

It is important to heat the food we carry in tupper at higher than normal temperatures, that is, at more than 40 degrees which is what we normally use in our house, because this is how bacteria like salmonellosis or E coli, which cause gastroenteritis, are eliminated. acute and diarrhea.

The use of plastic for tupper

Heating at high temperatures does not solve the problem of the use of tupper plastic and the release of additives. It is very important to use plastic containers suitable for transporting food, which will be indicated by a drawing on the back of the tupper. The drawing is a container next to a fork.

Therefore, in addition to keeping the food in the fridge, heating it to approximately 70 degrees and using tuppers of suitable materials are the food safety and hygiene requirements What must be considered.

Food suitable for tuppers

You have to try carry compound plates, containing carbohydrates, proteins and lipids in the right amounts. Sauces and broths are also foods that can be used when you have to take the food in tupper because they are foods that allow a homogeneous heated in the microwave. Specialists advise to avoid batters and grilled steaks, and bring vegetables such as lettuce and tomato salads, as they lose their properties and texture.

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