Ideas for low cost Carnival costumes

Dressing up in Carnival is a fun game for children. Original ideas to disguise the children.

1. A pirate costume for Carnival To begin with, a classic. Although they were characters with a reputation for evil, pirates fascinate young and old. Characterizing yourself as one of them is always fun and, in addition, does not require any specific manual skills. The details are the essence of a Carnival costume, like the pirate's patch. The clothes are fundamental: wide pants with the ends tucked inside a pair of boots, a white shirt with the arms rolled up, a black vest and a hat or handkerchief in the head. And then the details: a bit of shadow in the eyes and bitumen on the face - simulating dirt -, a false mustache, necklaces, a plastic or cardboard sword and the eye patch, of course, the sign of identity of every pirate. This Practicopedia video explains it in a few steps.

2. Dress up as scarecrows The scarecrow is another nice character and appreciated by children. The costume is also quite simple and cheap. You have to get a shirt (better if it is checked), a jumpsuit with suspenders and a straw or fisherman's hat. Two details complete the scarecrow: on the one hand, place a few patches of cloth on the monkey; and on the other hand, stick bunches of dry straw on clothes, shoes and hats, as you can see in Soy Manitas. An additional element is a little doll bird resting on the shoulder of the scarecrow child. This is achieved by transmitting the idea of ​​a good character, who does not scare the birds, but attracts them.

3. Superheroes always fascinate Superheroes are also classics for children's costumes. There is a great variety of this type of characters, but it is also possible to invent new ones. The basis of the disguise are tight pants (mesh type), a long-sleeved shirt and a cape. Then it is possible to include all the additives that the creativity (or superpowers) provide in each case: masks, masks, headbands, rings, belts, badges on the chest or on the cape, etc. A swimsuit type slip over the pants can also contribute. The website Everything for moms shows a picture of little superheroes.

4. I am a rocket! The rocket costume can be an accessory for the superhero. But, it can also be worth your own disguise. It consists of manufacturing a propeller rocket that, placed in the back, allows to fly. As the Doodlecraft blog teaches, just one cardboard rectangle and two strips of fabric to build the structure, which the child will carry on his back like a backpack. Two plastic bottles, the same size and painted silver, are attached with the mouth facing down. Flames are produced from each one of them (made with red cloth). Easy, very cheap and very motivating for the little ones.

5. A butterfly in Carnival Some wings and some tights are enough to create a cheap children's costume in Carnival. Animal costumes always give good results. A butterfly is simple, although making beautiful wings like the ones seen on the CharHadas website may require a bit of manual skill. Then, tight pants (tights or leotards), a shirt of the same color and a diadem with antennae are necessary. If the type of manufactured wings is modified, fairies or other flying characters can be obtained.

6. An adorable infant sheep The foundation of the sheep costume are garments already mentioned: tights or tights and a tight shirt. It can also be a jersey or similar. The fundamental thing is to cover the entire surface with cotton, the thicker the better. The head can be covered with a white wool cap. The final detail, as explained by the blog Neck and neck, is to create a circle of black cardboard in the nose. In this site you can also find swan and elephant costumes for babies.

7. A snowman costume Image: Lu - Mom of TWO flip flops It may seem complicated, but there are fairly simple ways to represent a snowman, as evidenced by the Spoonful website. Toilet paper is used to achieve the target of the body; with black cardboard circles, the buttons on the clothes; with woolen hats or earmuffs and some funny scarves, the doll already takes shape. If, in addition, some carrot noses are made, the similarity will be even greater. How? With cardboard painted orange you can make a cone and hold it with an elastic.

8. A very original costume: person doing the pine Creating a costume that simulates someone who is doing the handwork is very original and children can find it a very funny costume. As explained in this video on YouTube, you have to put your clothes inside out: legs in the sleeves of a sweatshirt and arms in pants. A balloon covered by a mask on the hood, gloves on the feet and slippers on the hands will do the rest. Important: you have to make a hole in your pants to see through it.

9.I will be a doll in Carnival The doll costume is also very original and requires few materials. You must dress the child or the girl with typical clothes of the classic dolls. The Costumes and Carnival website offers some interesting ideas. If you want to simulate being a doll that works with a rope mechanism, the key element is to create the key that should be turned in the back. It is made with painted cardboard or covered with gold paper. It can also be placed with a structure similar to that used with the rocket booster suit.

10. Famous children for a day To disguise the child of a famous character, we must highlight its most striking features Another possibility is to disguise as famous people. To do this, you must use the same trick as cartoonists: highlight the most striking features, their typical clothes, etc. One option is to dress like Frida Kahlo, who wears traditional Mexican collars and clothes and big, joined eyebrows. The same resource is valid for costumes of actors, footballers or any other famous personality.

Video: 100 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

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