Find out if your children eat in a balanced way

The food pyramid It is the best reference to find out if your children follow a balanced diet or not. Children grow faster than adults, and this, added to the amount of energy that they waste It results in the monitoring of your diet having to be a fundamental task.

The children's diet must be complete and balanced, although each child should eat according to their complexion and health. A healthy diet provides the child with the nutrients necessary for its growth and development, but it is also able to prevent and improve the clinical situation of some diseases such as ischemic heart disease, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc.

Children imitate the customs of families, that is why it is very important that parents teach healthy eating habits and preach by example.

What is a balanced diet composed of?

1. The day has to consist of five or six meals: breakfast, mid morning, lunch, snack and dinner. It is the first thing that must be taken into account when talking about a balanced diet for children.

2. Breakfast is the most important meal for being the first of the day and the one that will provide us with much of the energy we will use. That is why it is very important that children make a healthy and abundant breakfast.

3. It is important that children eat 3 to 5 servings of carbohydrates per day, which are present in bread, pasta, cereals, legumes and potatoes.

4. You must also include 2 servings of fish or meat daily in your meals, which are a source of proteins. 15% of the total calories in our diet should be proteins.

5. Four or five pieces of fruit and vegetables daily should be basic in children's diet.

6. A slight amount of fat, preferably in the form of olive oil.

7. Adequate water intake, avoiding carbonated drinks. It is also good to include juices or smoothies as drinks for children.

What do the foods bring?

- The carbohydrates they are necessary to provide them with sufficient energy and to regulate the metabolism of fats.

- The proteins They serve for the conformation of organs and tissues, and favor the structure of muscles and bones. In addition, they have a fundamental role in the chemical reactions of the different bodily functions and in the defense of the organism.

- Sugars that contributes the fruit are fundamental in the diet of the children, having to avoid those that come from pastries, chocolates or candies. In addition, they provide vitamins and mineral salts.

- The fats they are another main source of energy but their excess should be taken care of.

- The Water It is necessary for all the functions of your organism to work properly

Ana Vázquez Recio

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