Adolescents between good and bad companies

The education of the children influences that of their friends. This has been shown by a recent study, which has proven that children who receive a strict education they can influence their friends to carry out certain actions or avoid bad habits. This is what is known throughout life as good and bad companies. The novelty is that we now know that the education we give our children is influenced by others.

Education in adolescence

The perfect education is that which combines adequate control and supervision but with the warmth, closeness and communication necessary between parents and children. When adolescents receive this education, the likelihood of getting drunk, having an ethyl coma or smoking tobacco or marijuana is much lower than in those who receive a more libertine or permissive education.

Adolescence is a stage in which young people are especially vulnerable and influenced. Therefore, if we educate our children correctly, they will be able to influence their education with those friends who are weaker and who do not act correctly.

Education and substance abuse

It is very common among young people to desire try new things, to have new experiences and strong emotions. Many find it in drugs and alcohol, and there are too many who succumb to them without thinking and without knowing the consequences moved by the environment and impulses.

Further, regarding substance abuseIt seems that adolescents are influenced by other people besides their parents and relatives. Therefore, the educational practices carried out by the parents of our children's friends also influence and have to do with the behavior regarding the consumption of substances that our child finally has.

Adolescents who receive an iron education know exactly what they are facing, know what their effects are and are determined not to fall into them. Friends who are more influenced and immature may Take an example of them and avoid so consume.

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