"Sexting", intimacy at stake

A thirteen-year-old girl does a striptease in her room. He records it with his cell phone and sends it to his boyfriend. He does not think he is giving part of his privacy to the person who has stolen his heart, much less that he may be making it public, but simply sees it as a game, as a fun way to communicate.

And it has become fashionable among teenagers to send videos or photos in intimate attitudes. It is what is called 'sexting', that is, the sending of content of a sexual nature, usually produced by the sender himself, to other people by means of a mobile phone. Sometimes, those photos or videos are requested by the boyfriend or girlfriend, which makes them a form of emotional blackmail easily accessed by socially or emotionally more unprotected adolescents.

The promise that this will be "between us" is easy to break. When being considered nothing more than a game it is taken away, friends are taught or the video or photo is passed on to other people. From here, those contents can go to any place, from one mobile to another or can be posted on the Internet. Once on the Net, intimacy is irretrievable. The way to avoid it, the only way, is not to produce that kind of photos or videos.

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