Catalonia and Madrid: where it costs more to return to school

September returns as every year with the return to school and the backpacks stop taking dust to return to their daily routine. But unfortunately not only are the backpacks of the little ones filled with everything necessary, but also the parents accumulate in these dates many worries about how to face the expenses that suppose the books and the scholastic material.

Parents will spend this year around one average of 838 euros to equip your children with everything you need, from books to clothing, to stationery or after-school activities. In total, these costs will generate an invoice that will exceed 6,770 million euros nationwide.

In a context in which it is already difficult to reach a large number of families at the end of the month, to smooth the cost of going back to school, it is essential to compare the different options available to have everything ready for the education of our children. .

Also the impact of the return to the classrooms will be different depending on the center to which our son comes, being in the case of public schools, a total of 560 euros, in contrast, concerted and private will have an impact that will be between 780 euros and 1,175 on average.

Communities with the highest spending on the return to school

Catalonia and Madrid are the Autonomous Communities Where else is it hard to go back to school? The average cost per child is found in the case of the Madrid families that lead the list, around 1,043 euros, followed by Catalonia that spent an average of 1030 euros.

But we should not focus only on the large numbers to which we are referring. If we take into account the average budget of Spanish families by communities and add it to the equation, it is in the Valencian Community where the greatest impact is the return to schools, for whom this disbursement represents 4.02 percent of their total expenses for the year, followed by Catalonia and Extremadura.

On the other hand, on the other side of the scale, with a steeper slope in September, there are the families of La Rioja, Galicia and Aragon.

Noelia de Santiago Monteserín

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