Difference between delay and school failure


School performance of our children is a topic that is an important concern for families. Each child is a particular case and can be determined by an infinity of factors. Knowing the exact causes of the problem will lead to the desired result and will not trigger school failure.

When we refer to a child with school delay we talk about that he is not able to reach the expected average performance level for his age and pedagogical level. In this way, there is an imbalance between their abilities and the school requirement, having as a consequence one or several failures in the evaluations and at the end of the course. If this school delay continues to occur continuously and permanently, school failure, where the number of failures may be increasing, may repeat the course or resort to the final abandonment of the education system.

Causes of school delay

1. Deficit of intellectual capacity

Children who have a lower intellectual capacity usually have academic or academic failure, although they may have other abilities for musical, artistic qualities

2. Attention deficit

Those children who suffer from attention deficit or hyperactivity they usually fail to maintain attention for a while and to select the important stimuli from the irrelevant ones, hence they can spend two hours watching the flight of a fly before attending to the teacher's instructions. In this way, the child is mentally absent and fails to understand. If this habit persists, the bad grades in exams and school delays will begin to appear.

3. Lack of motivation and psychological problems

The lack of motivation is due to the lack of good results because he is not used to it or because he does not try hard. Also monotony and routine make the child lose interest. Having a lack of heart, low self-esteem and worries or fears facilitates the appearance of school delay.

4. Lack of family supervision

Children must have the interest of their parents. An educational style that is more permissive and with little involvement of parents can lead to delay.

5. Separation of parents and other emotional problems

The separation of the parents or the changes of norms and limits or when the emotional blackmail appears, can have repercussions in the academic results of the child.

6. Overprotection and lack of responsibility

Parents must go giving responsibilities to children as they grow. As the child grows he will have to do the homework on his own. A child who never organizes his room, or does not take responsibility for his duties without the constant help of his parents, will facilitate the appearance of the delay due to paternalism.

7. Neurological or sensory deficit

A neurological or sensory disease, such as lack of vision or deafness, it can condition correct follow-up of the teacher's explanations in class.

How to overcome school delay

The families

The family must coordinate with the school. You must keep relationship with the center to learn about the evolution of your child. Regarding the role of the family at home, it is important that you have control over school work, provide the child with a fixed place of study away from setbacks and from time to time make a check on the progress of their duties and if the performs all in the proper way.


You have to teach them that the responsibilities they have must be assumed and fulfilled. Encouraging them in their self-esteem, having a good performance with classmates and teachers is essential so that they have a good predisposition when going to school.

The teachers

They are the first to give the alarm to families to the possible symptoms of school delay. Do not take homework, do not pay attention, do not understand the contents given in class. These factors are already mentioned that can trigger the arrival of school failure.

Noelia de Santiago Monteserín

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