501 things that can be done with children

The lack of time, imagination and fatigue derived from the hours of work of the parents, makes that they leave pending things to do in the company of the children. But, are you fulfilling everything you want to do with your children while they are still children? This stage is very short and, to know how to take advantage of it, a book makes it easier for us: "501 things you want to do with your children, while they are still children."

Written by Mónica Álvarez Montaner, architect and writer, in this book we find 501 proposals so that we can all enjoy with the family In addition, they help develop education in values ​​and tradition in the most fun way.

"Before your children fall asleep, ask them what's been the best thing of the day," "After a storm, put on your wellies and get them out of the puddles," "Make your children remember you as the sweetest being who have known " These are three of the proposals that the author includes in her book.

Based on her personal experience, Monica realized the lack of moments she shared with her two youngest children, so she focused on creating a list of ideas to make sure they do with their children, and that they are worth millions. They are simple, affordable, to share with the little ones, which became a book that does not go unnoticed by parents.

And it is that, in a developed society like ours, it is most likely that We are dedicating to the children the double of money that would be necessary for their entertainment and only half the time they really need in the company of their parents.

What can we find in the book?

- Transmission of values. Ideas aimed at educating children in values, such as "do not forget to thank them", or "before they fall asleep, ask them what has been the best of the day". The author advises that if we must communicate something important, it is best to crouch until your eyes are at the same height as yours.

- Entertainment, creativity and creation of traditions. When you make, for example, something homemade with your children by the arrival of a friend or family member, you are promoting their creativity a lot while you enjoy the wonderful moment you spend with them.

Noelia de Santiago Monteserín

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