Advantages of being a woman: longevity

Women live longer and it is proven, in fact Spanish women are the women with the highest life expectancy after Japan. Statistics show that the average life span of Spanish women is 85.6 years compared to 80.0 years for men, according to the National Institute of Statistics INE.

Thanks to the development of science and medicine, nowadays it is possible to have a much longer life than a century ago, and they are also longer lives with better quality. The Longevity also has social repercussions For the more elderly people, the more health expenses they need. But not all are disadvantages, because the elderly are a fundamental pillar in society and especially in families.

Why women are more long-lived

Women live more practically in all countries of the world. One of the causes is that thanks to the advancement of medicine, fewer and fewer women die in childbirth. Thus the life expectancy of women, which was less than that of men in the past, has progressively evolved as science has been modernized. Only in countries with a very poorly developed health systemLike Botswana or Zimbabwe, men live longer than women.

Biological factors are also those that favor women to the detriment of men in terms of longevity, but also social factors. The children are educated to take more risks, because of what has to be hard and competitive types. Although times have changed, there are a series of social patterns that say that women are sensitive and affectionate and men are brave and daring.

But really the advance of the society allows that the men do not already have to expose themselves to the risks and situations to which they faced previously. Despite this change, lMen still have that innate condition of facing danger, and this is one of the main causes of the lower male life expectancy compared to that of women.

On the other hand, the life habits of women they are healthierI know that of men. Even though they exercise more, they smoke more, they drink more, they eat worse and they have more excess weight, and this added to the fact that take much longer to go to the doctor It makes it easier for them to get sick.

Another factor that increases the longevity of women is that they care more for personal relationships and it is demonstrated that life expectancy is longer the more social support one has. Stress due to bad personal relationships or lack of relationships reduces health, because stress is directly related to cardiovascular diseases.

Tips for a long and quality life

Misao Okawa, the longest woman in the world who has turned 114 this year affirms that her secret lies in eating well, sleeping at least eight hours and living relaxed and without stress: "Eat and sleep and you will live a long time." What to do, therefore, to have a life almost as long as Misao Okawa's:

1. Have a diet based on 1,500 calories a day. You have to moderate the food and try to make the food as healthy as possible. Antioxidant foods such as fruits, vegetables and cereals are very important. Avoid alcohol in excess and meats, fats or sweets.

2. Keep the body and mind in shape. It is advisable to exercise soft and moderate and also activities that involve a development of memory.

3. Optimistic people live longer than pessimists. With self-discipline, you can always see the glass half full.

4. Caring for relationships with family and friends and encourage emotional balance to ensure maximum well-being.

5. Combat stress to keep both physical and mental health.

Ana Vázquez Recio


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