Cesarean section and subsequent care

When the delivery does not appear as expected, or some causes that force its interruption occur, it is necessary to resort to the cesarean section to end the delivery. The cesarean is not performed in the delivery room, but in the operating room, since it is a surgical operation through which it is necessary to influence the uterus to extract the child, which usually lasts between an hour and an hour and a half.

Today the number of caesarean sections is increasing. Many mothers believe that having a cesarean delivery has been stolen, but in many cases the cesarean section is more convenient and beneficial than the natural birth, both for the mother and the child.

When is it necessary to perform a cesarean section?

There are three situations in which we must resort to cesarean section instead of natural childbirth, and are the following:

1. When childbirth is not possible for different reasons: the mother's pelvis is too narrow, the baby is too large to pass naturally, it is in a bad position, in front, transverse or breech or there is an obstacle in the exit of the baby, for example, a fibroma , a cyst or placenta previa, which prevents the baby from leaving.

2. Due to the need to interrupt pregnancy before time due to child's illness (diabetes, toxemia or growth retardation), maternal haemorrhage, multiple birth, maternal disease or Rh incompatibility.

3. Due to the need to end the birth by cesarean because of too much fatigue of the mother, cardiovascular problems that prevent carrying out the work, the cervix is ​​not dilated more, the baby's head is not placed in the pelvis or too important fetal distress, detected thanks to monitoring.

Post-operative caesarean section

It must be remembered that the cesarean is a surgical intervention, and therefore requires exhaustive control of the mother after delivery. This recovery can lead to abdominal pain, and healing is usually more painful if contractions occur after delivery.

It also requires a Special diet regimen for proper recovery of the mother, which you usually end up a week when you remove the garpas or threads with which it closes. However, the scar, which remains hidden behind pubic hair, will not reach its final appearance until 8 months, and can not give the sun until 1 year later.

Regarding the relationship with the baby, milk may take longer to rise due to fatigue. Recovery from normal activities should be progressive and slower than with a natural birth.

Ana Vázquez Recio

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