Infant colic


It is famous the colic of the infant, that until the three months of life usually suffer the newborns. His uncontrollable crying, his noisy gases and his slightly swollen belly are unmistakable signs that something is wrong with him. But we should not worry. These situations are far from alarming, especially if the baby has a normal weight and develops correctly in all other aspects.

The immaturity of the digestive system it is one of the factors that are pointed out when explaining the reasons that provoke the colic of the infant, which usually disappears after completing three or four months. Another explanation may be due to the child's eating: when they swallow a lot of air during breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, the consequence is a difficult digestion -which prevents them from sleeping-, with gas and gut pain.

Soft rolling to relieve baby's crying

In these cases, it is better to calm the baby by rocking and cradling him. The rhythmic movements will relax you. Afterwards, it is convenient to put into practice a "shock plan" to put an end to these annoying cramps. First of all, try to feed him calm and relaxed. It also makes your baby's meal schedules more flexiblefeeding him little by little and more often.

The pacifier, a good ally against colic

As for the pacifier, from now on it will be a good ally, especially when it comes to provoking in the baby the feeling that he is satisfied, without needing to absorb too much food. If after a few days the colic continues to occur, we can try to give it some soft massages in her little girl every time she starts crying. This, together with the typical relaxing bath, are usually infallible remedies that will help you fall asleep.

If he still continues to be upset, we can try to put him down with a hot water bag in the belly and well wrapped. Surely in this way the baby will overcome without any problem those discomforts that bother him so much.

Cheats against baby gases

To try to reduce the gas in the baby's stomach as much as possible, it is important belching well in the middle and at the end of each shot. To do this, we will take you on our chest and, with your little head held tight by our hand, we will gently swing back and forth.

If after a few minutes he resists, we will place him face down on our knees while we perform gentle massages on his little tripita. If you still do not burp, we will alternate both methods with patience until we achieve it.

Tips to relieve infant colic

- Especially at the beginning, we should not hesitate cradle the baby as many times as you need it.

- From our tranquility and relaxation It will also depend on the baby to eat happy and happy.

- A good home remedy are the tilanes of lime, of chamomile or the balls of anise Starry diluted in water.

Marina Berrio

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