10 rules of responsibility at the wheel

The inexperience behind the wheel, the consumption of alcohol, recklessness or lack of respect for the road are the cause of many of the traffic accidents that occur every day on the road. Take into account some aspects such as atmospheric conditions, fatigue, speed or the hours at which the car is taken can be key to avoid accidents.

5 basic rules that must be met at the wheel

We need to set some rules of responsibility when we plan to take the car and we will also go out with friends on weekends. Some points can be:

1. Avoid taking the car to party. The chances of accidents increase considerably during weekends and holidays. It is better to use public transport, which also does not cause parking problems.

2. Do not drink alcohol. We must commit to not drinking a drop of alcohol when we go to drive the car.

3. Be cautious at the wheel. It is proven that when you go in a group, you tend to bravado, and when you go by car, you can commit recklessness to impress or test the skill with friends.

4. Have driving experience.It is not wise to go on the road until a certain amount of driving experience has been achieved.

5. Avoid days of bad weather. The car can not be used on days of bad weather.

5 recommendations for driving

1. Avoid taking the car at night. There are late-night hours where the danger is greatly increased, although we are prudent, we have not drunk, we have experience, etc. The culprit can be another driver with a few extra glasses that makes us get involved in an accident.

2. Start with a low-powered car. It may be a good idea to opt for a low-power second-hand car at the beginning, to gain experience. With one of that type it is more difficult to have serious accidents and they are more manageable to learn well to drive.

3. Avoid taking the weekend coke. When leaving on a Friday or Saturday, there are always other alternatives to the car: we can take public transport or share a taxi with several friends.

4. Establish rules for companions. When you take the car and have to take your friends, set clear rules: do not get distracted at the wheel, no smoking and do not urge you to go faster.

5. Respect Traffic regulations. Be aware that you are vulnerable in the car. Respect the Traffic regulations as much as possible and yield to other drivers who, although they can carry out irresponsible behavior, do not deserve to risk it because of them.

Marina Berrio

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