Promoting good humor

There is a saying that says the children are the joy of home. However, educating children is not always a path of roses and we live in a state of concern about their education. Parents may be so focused on helping them to behave correctly, to acquire good habits that sometimes we forget the importance of joking and laughing to laughter at his side.

Indeed, our children need authority and discipline, but it is imperative that childhood have a time to laugh. With these ages, it can be said that our children are in the stage of easy, spontaneous, continuous ... and happy laughter.

In childhood children are in the perfect sensitive period for us to make good humor a way of being, a position before life. Educating happy children will help them count on resources to overcome the problems and dislikes that come later.

Benefits of good humor in children

There are many advantages offered by good humor to our children. Among them, we can highlight the following:

- Security in themselves.

- Its self esteem improvement.

- A cheerful and kinder character.

- They dominate pride.

- They enjoy more of the little everyday things.

- Fosters the creativity.

- Revive the intelligence.

- More ease for relate with others.

Guidelines to promote good family humor

Encourage joy in the home

Children need an environment in which they are usually in a good mood. When this does not happen and there are screams (for example), the home gradually falls into a stupor similar to sadness, which leads to nothing or frees from problems. Therefore, encouraging good humor starts with ourselves, the parents.

If we want to win the affection of the children and make them grow with an energetic character it is necessary that we leave the problems outside the home. Being in a good mood does not cost so much, and it is also much more rewarding. You have to make an effort to smile, although sometimes it becomes difficult. Putting desire, will finish taking root in the character a solid sense of humor.

Use humor as a tool to educate your children

Many times a trait of humor will serve to safeguard the treasury of authority by not having to exercise it. Humor serves to relax a tight environment and puts lubricant into the gear of authority. Do not think that we should be very witty and funny continually, or that in our house we spend all day telling each other jokes.

The essence lies in searching friendly and funny phrases, accurate and timely comparisons, and even try to imitate their attitudes, can be useful for them to prove the outdated and even ridiculous of many of their behaviors. So you can help them overcome an excessive pride or taking yourself too seriously. And in addition, a special and relaxed atmosphere will be created at home.

Build trust with your children

Confidence and confidence are cultivated in a cheerful atmosphere. With a friendly and cheerful attitude maybe we can enter intimacies that otherwise it would not be possible, in the same way that we can say things that pronounced in a solemn tone could be offensive.

Humor always allows us a graceful exit in our reprimands or punishments, since humor is a visible sign of affection, which transpires in the desire to send a message softly. Because the joy and optimism of our home must be based on love.

Noelia de Santiago Monteserín

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