Ideas to arm yourself with patience with children

The patience It is a virtue that we must put into practice when we are parents, and also, in all stages of development of our children. When they are babies for the reasons of this age that we all know, at two years when they live the "NO stage", when they start Primary, around 6 years old, because their rebellious moment begins and when they reach adolescence because the Communication gets complicated with them.

Children need to see that their parents are willing to listen to them, to care about them. They need to know that their parents they want them to be happy. This acceptance implies not to make the children believe that they are an undesirable burden, but the essential object of their love. And we must also teach them to do the same with us, their parents, and with their brothers and friends. But this does not mean that we must passively accept to accept what they do or what they say.

Parents have the duty and the right to indicate to the children if their performance is good or bad. Therefore, sometimes we will have to use anger, for example, always controlled, of course, by intelligence: anger will be transformed into a just indignation. And if he has behaved well, he will have to show joy.

Understanding, the trick to arm yourself with patience

There is also much need for patience in the difficult art of "knowing how to listen" because it is one of the bases of "knowing how to educate". Who knows how to listen will always know what happens inside their children. The doctor would not know which disease to attack if the patient does not tell the symptoms.

In addition, it is very important not to have a hunter mentality that chooses your piece. The reality is that today we are here, in these concrete circumstances, with this environment and with these children. This is our scenario and the material with which we must act.

For educate you have to have both feet on the floor with the security that we will arrive at a good port. This is what keeps the educator young that it has to be always, even if it goes bald or gray, because only the one who hopes to achieve something -and is young because he thinks so- is capable of carrying out the educational enterprise.

Every day will have to fight to master the desire to achieve immediate results and to get a behavior and development in the boys according to the preconceived desires of what is a "good son" according to the novel we have done. We have to realize that it is not about getting what we want, but putting the means for children to become what they are called to be. Thus, it will be easier for us to be patient, accepting the inconvenience not only resignedly, but also peacefully and serenely.

It should not be forgotten that each child needs different attention from their parents. More or less affect, more or less dedication of time, more or less demand, etc. But all need to be understood equally and it is the virtue of patience that drives us "to be understanding with others, convinced that souls, like good wine, improve over time."

6 tips to arm yourself with patience with your children

- We must be encouraged with the small progress of the children. That he had said a truth when everything seemed to indicate that he was not going to say it or it was very easy to lie is a very indicative little step, even if the trick he has committed has been fat.

- Thinking about the future of each child is necessary to have success. Thus, among other things, we will not be stuck in the foreseeable encounters of the road, but they are not so important. You have to think about each child, what he or she is like, what are their strengths that must be strengthened and what weak points they have to fight against.

- It takes a lot of left hand and certain doses of genius, In short, to love the children, to know what is appropriate in each moment: whether to leave or not attend an extracurricular activity, what punishment is better and more educational and what should be overlooked.

- It will encourage us to reconsider in how we, who have arrived at what we have arrived at, also gave many problems to our parents. That experience can also serve us in our educational work.

- Regarding the academic notes ... patience. It is indicative data for us to help our son. They are not an end in themselves and, sometimes, we put too much interest in them and neglect other issues.

- An error that we should avoid: lose your nerves or pretend to do everything right and the first time. It is something to which we must aim, but let us think about our work, for example, and how we prefer a kind demand that understands our problems and mistakes.

Antonio Díaz Argüelles Teacher

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