Six keys before buying the crib for the baby

Preparations before the arrival of the baby always fill us with enthusiasm, especially when it comes to decorating children's rooms, but also of doubts and expenses. Just as there are some keys to consider before buying the strollers, we must not forget certain factors when we buy a crib for our baby. We leave here the main keys before choosing the cradle of your child.

Keep in mind that you will sleep your baby in the crib for a long time. The best thing is that when they are very small you use a bassinet or mini-cradle, and if you want a piece of furniture that lasts many more years, you can choose a convertible crib: they become a normal bed for a room when the baby gets older.

There are also travel cots that are easier to transport. Even so, the conventional cribs they are still the main option of most of the parents, these are the main factors that you should check before choosing one, because not everything is the price.

Baby cribs

1. Security: the cradle must be homologated, in such a way that it complies with European safety regulations. This in principle is not a problem if you go to buy the crib at a reliable store, but in any case it is better to prevent than to cure: always make sure that it is homologated.

2. Space between bars. The space between the bars of the crib is very important because, if the baby could put the head between them, he would run the risk of suffocation. Although this is also usually approved and usually does not exceed six centimeters between bar and bar, keep it in mind if, for example, you want to make your own cradle in an artisanal way.

3. Height: The height of the mattress is also a factor to consider. The best thing is that you look for cradles whose height can be regular according to your needs. For example, when babies start to get older, it is good to lower the height to avoid falling when sitting or standing on the mattress.

4. Resistant: it is essential that the cradle is made of resistant materials. Look well that does not wobble or make "strange" noises or that do not give you confidence: look for a cradle that is firm, because it will be the one that takes care of your baby while he sleeps.

5. Size: There are many different sizes of cribs and, although this should be a personal option according to your interests and the space you have available, it would be best if you bought the cradle of the standard measure. This will be more useful when buying sheets and bedspreads, for example.

6. Mattress: The last key is perhaps one of the most important. Buy a mattress that you see is firm and resistant and that does not sink, then it will not be comfortable for your baby. In addition, it is also advisable that it be reclining: so you can lift it a little if your baby has snot, for example.

Finally, remember that the space between the mattress and the bars of the crib should not exceed two centimeters. This will prevent your baby from being caught unintentionally. Look carefully at the materials with which the furniture is made and do not buy anything if you do not generate enough confidence.

Angela R. Bonachera


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