Snow day in family: safety tips to avoid problems

A day of snow It is a good family leisure plan, but it requires following safety rules to avoid major problems in this environment. The snow It can be the scene of some accidents like burns, colds or even falls with possible fractures if you do not walk with your eyes. Taking into account some basic notions to avoid these problems will only make fun is present.

Beware of the Sun

Snow is the antithesis of the beach. The temperature is different and you go to it with much more clothing than the swimsuit or bikini. Therefore some people do not realize that the risk of skin burns in this environment is also present to a very high degree.

The reflection of the solar rays in the snow is quite high and it is our skin that suffers this effect. In addition, the protection of the atmosphere is much lower than at other levels, so the influence of the Astro Rey on the dermis is better. Bringing sun creams with high protection factors and glasses to avoid the influence of sunlight on our eyes is mandatory to spend a day in this environment.

Adequate equipment

You have to know where you are going. A snowy landscape is a cold place and where you are going to do physical activity. For this reason it is necessary to assure that the assistants take several layers that avoid the influence of the cold and thus to prevent colds. The outer parts must be waterproof so that the snow does not penetrate the interior and wet the people, increasing the risk of colds.

The inner layers and that are in contact with the skin of the people do have to be breathable to avoid that the sweat causes some type of cold when the physical activity ceases. The clothes should also be comfortable, we must remember that when you go to the snow you do a lot of physical activity either in the form of a ski-type sport or running in this medium. For this reason the garments must be suitable for this medium and not pull the wardrobe that is usually used.

If you choose to practice sports like skiing, remember that the equipment you take must be the right one. In the case that these kits are taken from home, will have to review them in the search for damage that may cause an accident. Always follow the indications of the site and carry out this activity on the appropriate tracks at each level and never enter those dangerous areas.

Attention to the weather

Before going to the snow it is advisable to check the weather report to know what climate the family will be in this environment. If there is a risk of precipitation that day or it is going to be too cold, it is better to postpone the visit to another time where conditions are more favorable for the enjoyment of all.

Damián Montero

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