The seat belt during pregnancy

TheSafety belt during pregnancy it is an important element to prevent the effects of accidents. However, it can become a problem for the pregnant woman and her child if it is not carried properly. Wearing it correctly is essential so that it does not harm the baby in the event of a collision or accident.

The safety belts during pregnancy should be worn, because first of all, it is about preventing accidents and protect both the mother and, indirectly, the child. Although some years ago the Traffic code established the possibility of exemption in the use ofseat belt in pregnant women, since 2006, at the proposal of the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs, abolished the exemption of the use of the safety belt by pregnant women, since there is evidence that the risk of injury and loss of the fetus due to not wearing the safety belt overcomes the risk of intrauterine injury derived from its use in cases of accident. The important thing, therefore, is to knowhow to use the seatbelt during pregnancy.

How is the seatbelt used during pregnancy?

Research has shown that pregnant women must use the safety belt of three parts orthree anchor points (of lap and diagonal), in front of those of two points. The way it should be done is the following:

The beltlap must be placedbelow the belly and must be adjusted through thehipswhile the beltdiagonal or shoulders should go between the chest andaround the belly. The seat belt should not be placednever on top of the belly. The diagonal belt height must be adjusted to maintain itaway from the neck, but in contact with the shoulder.

When you put on your belt, you must take special care to position the lower belt of the belt under the abdomen, so that it isresting on the bone of the pelvis, below the fetus, and not on the abdomen.Do not enter fillings as a pad on the belt band, because this could cause the belt to slip.

Sit on the lower band and using only the chest is counterproductive because in the event of a collision, the occupant can slide under the belt. Further,put clamps or tensioners to the pelvic band to move it away from the abdomen prevents the correct functioning of the standard belt.

Special safety belt for pregnant women

Even if the pelvic band is placed below the abdomen, it rises incessantly, causing distractions and discomfort and, what is worse, the belt is again in a dangerous position. In addition, although in the last months of pregnancy, the pelvic band can no longer climb alone, because it can not pass over the abdomen, is also at a high level, pressing directly on the uterus and the fetus. And with a simple braking it can also rise sharply.
Therefore, it is recommended acquire a special safety belt for pregnant women, that we can find easily in the market and that adapts perfectly to the anatomy of the mother.

Other tips when you drive in car

When traveling by car, not only do we have to be aware of the seatbelt. In addition we must:

Increase the distance between the seat and the steering wheel or dashboard.

- Make sure that the headrest is located at the correct height, protecting the head and neck.

- If the steering wheel is adjustable, direct it towards the chest to drive, never towards the head or abdomen.

- Keep in mind that a pregnant woman going through manyPhysical changes, and that can influence your driving ability and well-being.

- Rest every two hours on long trips and walk about 10 minutes during each break.

- Always carryWater to avoid dehydration and cookies or juice to avoid nausea.

Teresa Pereda

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