The visual development of the baby: how much does the newborn see?

Newborns see very well from the moment they face the light, and stimulation exercises can now be carried out with them. Its development is very fast and all the elements of its visual system - muscles, retina, pupil, etc. - adjust at an impressive speed.

Fixing objects

The child not only distinguishes objects from birth, but can also be fixed in a certain one during a very short moment (from 4 to 10 seconds). At that moment, his eyes get bigger and his pupils dilate. When you lose interest, close your eyes or, take an indefinite look. Through stimulation and repeated vision of appropriate objects, a baby can prolong its period of fixation, thus laying the foundations for its capacity for concentration and attention.

When the child already knows the object and it does not surprise him, his fascination weakens little by little. That is why, in order to keep his interest alive, the complexity of the stimuli presented must gradually increase.

Displacement of baby's look

Until the first two months, the exercises in which you have to follow with your eyes an object that moves, unless it moves very slowly, are not successful. With these exercises, the child is able to learn to place anything in space, isolate it from the background and develop an eye-hand coordination: synchronize the look to the movement of his hands, feet, body, etc.

The mother, the best stimulus for the baby

The mere presence of the mother provides numerous stimuli to the baby. Therefore, it is advisable to frequently maintain eye contact with him during all situations of the day: when breastfeeding, bathing, playing with him ... and look him straight in the eyes every time we talk with our child. The baby will look for the eyes of the mother from the first days of life. However, what attracts him most are the faces of people, especially his mother's.

Visual stimuli for your baby

It is also possible to expand the stimulation field, manufacturing or buying different objects. The mobiles can be a good stimulating toy and favor the development of their muscles, their ability to hold and their coordination, since they will try to catch them when they see them hanging on their cradle. They must be placed in a safe place and take care that the cords are not excessively long. The most striking of the baby's attention on mobile phones are the contrasts of colors. Therefore, when choosing them, not only have to look for the living, but variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

How much does the newborn baby see?

1. At birth We can see its orientation reflex when the baby turns his head towards the focus of luminosity and the photomotor reflex, which consists of the contraction of the pupils when they are illuminated. The newborn can see well about 20 to 30 centimeters away and probably on a scale of white, black and gray.The face of his mother. It is one of the first visual stimuli for the baby and will begin to associate that face with a series of pleasurable sensations such as his voice, his smell, the caresses ...

2. At two weeks, the baby begins to show interest in differentiated objects in terms of color and luminosity. The human face has these characteristics, especially in the area surrounding the eyes. In addition, it is believed that red is the color that first begins to differentiate.

3. Towards the end of the first month of life, the baby shows interest in the environment, for short periods of time.

4. Towards two months of life (8-10 weeks) You can follow an object in slow motion at a distance of 30-60 centimeters in an arc of 180 degrees. This progress is accompanied by greater control of the head associated with muscle strengthening.

5. After three months, his visual ability progresses noticeably and he discovers his hands. You can focus almost at any distance. Start the improvement of eye-hand coordination.

6. Between three and four months, the increase in visual acuity allows you to discriminate objects from backgrounds with minimal contrast (like a button on a blouse of the same color).

7. Between four and six months, the vision of color develops. Recognize objects and look for them, is able to see more distance.

8. After seven months, can observe small objects, perceive depth, can see all colors and follow objects that move quickly.

Beatriz Bengoechea

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