World Teacher's Day: the importance of the teacher in children

The school together with the family is the second most important space in the development of children. In the corridors and classrooms of the school the little ones spend hours and hours learning and internalizing values. Two activities in which the team of teachers, professionals that in this October 5th They celebrate their World Day.

An opportunity to emphasize the importance of teachers in the development of every child. Because teachers not only teach knowledge to students, they are also a reference point in which to reflect and a figure of confidence to turn to in situations as complicated as those of school bullying. Remembering the value of these professionals is a good idea in this October 5.

More than teaching

As has already been said, the teacher is much more than a professional who is responsible for transmitting subjects and assessing their understanding by the little ones. As indicated from the Faculty of Communication of Palermo, Argentina, teachers have a role invested with authority to be considered the holder of institutionalized official knowledge and from whom the student constantly seeks approval. Something that makes it have a great influence on the student, how he feels in the pedagogical process, and how he feels in relation to the rest of the group.

In this way the teacher is presented as one of the most important figures for the student Something that is understood when considering his authority, which has a great influence in the first stages of education, primary and secondary, and life. In the case of the basic levels of teaching, students see a model to follow in the teachers and a mirror from which to take values.

In the case of higher levels of education, the teacher becomes a concerning to which to go in situations of indecision. In this way the teacher returns to become a reference, but in this case helps to clarify doubts such as what career to study.

Respect for the teacher

Given the importance of the teacher in the student's life, it is important to remember the respect this figure deserves. These are some keys to transmit this value to the little ones:

- Do not go along with the children when they speak in bad manners of their teachers. While criticism is accepted, disrespect is intolerable.

- In the event that the child does not fit with one of their teachers, we must remind them that discrepancies are inevitable and that it is impossible to get along with everyone.

- As with another person, mockery is not the way to go. Nobody likes being the center of ridicule and receiving attacks.

- Set an example and avoid derogatory comments on heads so that children understand the importance of respect for the figure of authority.

Damián Montero

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