Milk consumption prevents cardiovascular diseases

The best medicine is prevention. Avoiding a disease or disease before they appear will contribute to the person not having to suffer the symptoms and subsequent recovery. An example is how the sport practice It helps prevent health problems such as obesity, while ensuring an excellent cardiac status.

Food also plays an important role in preventing diseases. A diet free of saturated fats and added sugars keeps cholesterol and diabetes at bay. Another example is offered by the research published in The Lancet magazine, which indicates that the consumption of milk It has important benefits when it comes to preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Three glasses of milk a day

The milk It is one of the elements that it is advisable to include in the diet of the little ones. Often its consumption is related to a strengthening of the bone mass thanks to its contribution of calcium. Now, this study shows how drinking at least three glasses of this drink a day can keep heart disease away.

The sample of this study was composed of a total of 136,000 people from 21 different countries over nine years. Of all this population, those individuals who consumed at least three servings of dairy per day were able to reduce their mortality rate due to cardiovascular disease between 14 and 23%.

Of all dairy products analyzed, milk and yogurt were the items that most helped prevent these diseases. The differences between the groups of higher or lower consumption were notable, both in mortality general as in deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases. Those who took an average of 3.2 articles of this type in their normal workday presented a 3.4% chance of dying from any cause, compared to 5.6%.

Benefits of milk consumption

The results of this study add to the already known about milk consumption. These products are considered very complete and ideal for children thanks to its richness of nutrients that help children have a correct development. This article has a great importance in the first years of children's lives, but experts indicate that maintaining their consumption is very important.

The Milky Interprofessional Organization, INLAC, offers a list of several benefits of breastfeeding in childhood:

- Milk proteins cover the amino acid needs of the human being.

- Dairy lipids contain more than 200 different fatty acids, facilitating their digestion.

- Carbohydrates act as an energy source.

- Dairy products are a very important source of calcium, which helps bone mineralization.

- Dairy products are a source of potassium and magnesium, which explains why this product helps to prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease.

- Contribution of vitamin B, especially yoghurts and fermented milk.

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