How to take advantage of summer to learn a new language

Summer not only brings warmth, it also brings a lot of free time to young people. Although it is undeniable that the new generations deserve a break after a whole course of studies and efforts, so many dead hours can end up overwhelming. To avoid this boredom, there are many possibilities that will also have a positive impact on your academic curriculum and your professional future.

An example is learning a new language. The summer months can be used by young people in various ways to master languages ​​such as English, a requirement almost essential to access a new job. From watching films in the original version to a job abroad during the summer period, all this can contribute to this goal.

Techniques to improve in languages ​​from home

There are several techniques, which can be done from home and with which to fill the hours of excess heat by doing something productive:

- Reading in another language. Reading is a pleasure that should be practiced habitually, but also can also help to improve a language. Let the young man choose a novel that he likes and immerse himself in it while reading in English, so he will learn how to use the lexicon and build sentences in the language he is learning.

- Movies in original version. The seventh art appeals to everyone and is a good remedy against boredom when the heat squeezes out of the house. Searching for a film in the original version, and with subtitles to help, will accustom the young person's ear to the pronunciations of the different words that are used in the language to be learned.

- Talks in the foreign language. The whole family can benefit from this learning, not just young people. Set an hour a day, such as the snack time, to converse in the language you want to improve. A great idea that will also encourage time together.

Other ideas to reinforce new languages

The free time that summer brings can also be used to learn English more "professional"These are other measures that can improve the level of the language that is being practiced:

- language Academy. Native teachers, certified tests and constant support. All this will be available to young people who sign up for these centers. During the course the workload made it almost impossible to attend to these tasks, but these months allow an exclusive dedication to this learning.

- Bilingual camps. Fun and learning, these centers combine all the activities that summer camps have and add the plus of teaching a new language. A way to immerse yourself in these languages ​​while you meet new people and have fun to the fullest.

- Summer exchanges. This idea allows the young person to completely immerse himself in the other language while living with another family. A decision that forces us to use the language that we seek to learn on a day-to-day basis and that will also allow us to learn another culture. An experience that will broaden the perspective of those who practice it.

- I work overseas. Like the exchanges, this decision will make the young man immerse himself fully in the language. Being face to the public will force to use, and to improve, the language that is being practiced. In addition, a valuable lesson about the effort involved in a job will also be taught and give the child some autonomy during this experience. Two subjects that will help you in your future work.

Damián Montero

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