School bullying cases decrease but violence and frequency increase

The return to the school supposes returning to several routines. Duties, exams, group work, recreations full of activities with friends, excursions to very interesting places. However, unfortunately, for many students It will also be to be again in an undesirable scenario in any of the cases.

The bullying he also returns to school and does so with pending subjects. This is remembered from the Foundation for Assistance to Children and Adolescents at Risk, ANAR. A call for attention from the III Study on bullying and cyberbullying according to those affected.

Less cases, more violence

The data that is offered from ANAR have good news but another bad one. On the one hand, the reduction of cases of bullying in educational centers. A total of 36,616 calls received were received in the helpline of this foundation. Of these, 590 were confirmed as real efforts, setting in motion the corresponding protocol.

In this way, the number of cases managed descended almost half compared to last year. Result that ANAR blame, among other reasons, for the more determined attitude of public administrations and schools in activating the anti-harassment protocols, the greater social sensitivity and the diversity of agents involved.

The bad news is that the intensity and frequency of harassment cases have grown. These data show that the frequency and intensity of the harassment increased over time to almost half, specifically a 49,2% of the total, of the cases attended, whereas in 2016 this had happened in 43.1% of the cases and in 2015 in the 35.1%.

Another example of this situation is that the 13% of the victims assisted by the ANAR telephone ended up in the change of school center where students who suffered this situation developed their activities.

The situation of cyberbullying

With the appearance of new technologies other forms of harassment have been gaining the attention of those responsible for this study. It is the case of the cyberbullying that supposes the 24,7% of the total cases, insults and threats being their most common form. The data obtained reveals that sending messages through applications is the most common form of harassment.

Within the total, 53.2% of those affected by bullying in 2017 were male and the 46,8% women, with an average age of 10.9 years. The data referring to cyberbullying increases the percentage of affected people to 65.6%, with the average age of the girls suffering from it being 13.5 years. The victims of bullying in general begin to suffer it at 9.8 years and 12.2 years in cyberbullying.

Damián Montero

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