Games with which to stimulate different abilities of the child

What fun is it to play and how beneficial it can be for the child in the development of some capacities. It is not the first time that these activities are related to the promotion of different skills in the youngest ones. For this reason, it is an excellent idea to take advantage not only to have a good time with the children, but also to strengthen the bond while encouraging the children.

Depending on the skill you want to improve, you can choose one game or another. These are several proposals for game with which to develop different skills in the little ones. A formula to have fun, strengthen ties and at the same time get the best out of the children.

To improve attention

From the CADAH Foundation, focused on improving the lives of children with Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD, proposes these games with which to improve the attention capacity of the children:

- Labyrinths. You have to go from point A to point B following a path, one of many. Finding the good route means being attentive to details, curves and following the line paying attention.

- Puzzles. There is a reference image and you have to recreate it by fitting pieces. To do this, nothing better than looking at their shapes and go little by little getting the way you want.

- Alphabet soup. A sea of ​​letters conceals several words, will the child be able to find them all? For this, nothing better than to look carefully and recognize syllable by syllable until you get all the terms.

- The differences. Two images a priori equal, but there are several differences between them. Find them all without any clue is the mission.

To improve reading comprehension

As indicated by a work of the University of Valencia, reading comprehension benefits from the game in many ways. The recognition of words in some of them favors that they know how to identify and recognize them when facing a reading. These are some ideas:

- Karaoke. Fun for the most singles. Choose an easy and slow theme, find a video where the lyrics are developed and let yourself be carried away by the artist you carry inside while improving the reading ability.

- Write stories. A theme is chosen and everyone should write a little story related to it. In the end everyone should read this story to the rest. Not only will the reading comprehension be improved, but also the imagination of the children.

To improve motor skills

We are beings in movement. And improving this ability is also recommended. These are some proposals to achieve this goal:

- Labyrinths. Again this game, as already explained, you have to go from point A to point B, in some cases tracing this path with a pencil, an exercise that will help improve fine motor skills.

- Building blocks. There are many types and themes, from building a castle to a house in the countryside. But the mechanics are the same, you have to fit piece by piece until you get the final result.

Damián Montero

Video: Odd One Out Brain Games - Level 5

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