Secrets to get good grades: not everything is to study

For Get good grades It is essential to study, but that is not all. In addition, to devote time to study, we must study with criteria, that is, applying study techniques that allow us to get the most out of the time spent and our ability, but also be organized, have sufficient motivation and have a good self-esteem among other things, it is fundamental.

Factors that positively influence school performance

These are some fundamental aspects that are directly related to the good notes of the students and this is how parents can help our children. Take note:

- Dedicate daily time to each child and ask: How about the school, what have you done, what worries you etc, to motivate you with good grades?

- Explain and discuss daily tasks. Do not do it for him, or study with him, but solve his doubts and ask them the lessons.

- Create a good climate and understanding at home, especially among parents.

- Promote high self-esteem in your children. Find out if your child has a personal problem, with friends, with teachers.

- Create a home study environment, that requires a systematic and persevering action that takes into account from the place and conditioning, to the work plan, the schedule, the silence.

- It is essential to sleep and eat well.

- Get organized. Being organized, keeping an agenda, doing a planning of topics, hours and days of study before the exams helps a lot.

- Have a relationship and communication with the tutor.

- Let us see that we are excited about our work, that we do not waste our time with television while they do their homework, that we also want to learn. The parents are for the children, the reference and model to follow, a model that will only be operative while the child develops a personality of its own.

10 proposals to get good grades

This is how the family can help in the school performance of the children.

1. Devote more direct help to parents of students at high risk of school failure, instead of allocating resources supposedly to improve the quality of teaching through more computers or less students per teacher. These aids would be based on private tutors, special classes, etc. *

2. Allow economically disadvantaged families to choose a school.

3. Encourage reading. Reading comprehension is fundamental to academic achievement. A good level in reading favors the student to take advantage of the time dedicated to the study and therefore, be more efficient.

4. Promote the realization of cultural activities within the family and the school. The frequency with which the student performs cultural activities, such as going to the theater or to classical music concerts, positively influences academic performance.

5. Subsidize the purchase of educational material in families without resources.

6. Encourage scientific activities.

7. Greater involvement of parents in the operation of the school and in the learning of their children.

8. Inform the family of the level of knowledge of your child with respect to other children, other schools and other cities.

9. Reconciliation of work and family life.

10. Demand for policies to help the family.

Tips for relating culture with subjects

- At least once every two months, it can be positive to encourage certain activities, such as going to museums, the theater, etc.
- Remember, you have to make reading a fundamental activity. The research of the Family Action Foundation shows once again that it is vital for school performance.
- The praises and the positive messages are the best prizes, more than material goods, although a small incentive is not bad if the final grades have been good.

Remember: we have to propose to push the study without being noticed, without lecturing, valuing the effort and dedication of the children more than their results. We must highlight their progress (even if they do not measure up to parental expectations) and not set goals too high.

Maite Mijancos. Family counselor

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