My shoes: Emotive short to reflect on the importance we give to objects

A materialistic person is one that gives too much importance to material things and objects. Nowadays, living in a society in which we are practically not lacking in anything and in which children are full of gifts and objects, we run the risk of becoming materialistic people. Shorts like these make us think about it.

This video begins with a sound, a noise that, unfortunately, many children hear every day: teasing. You hear how a group of children laugh at a small dress with threadbare clothes and broken shoes that show their fingers. The image expands and we see the little one and how he clearly shows a feeling of shame.

Then, the little one leaves the place where he is being criticized and starts walking through a park until he reaches a small stream where look at his reflection while he reflects, probably thinking why he will have such bad luck: he does not have new shoes.

My shoes

Suddenly a new boy appears on the scene: a very well-dressed boy who sits on one of the park benches. The little one, with normal but clean clothes and new shoes, he is sitting quietlyand. Then the protagonist of the broken shoes appears on the scene and sits on the same seat, but away from the other boy.

The boy in the new shoes, with a calm air, looks at his partner and smiles at him while he greets him, but the boy, embarrassed by his poor clothes, looks him up and down with envy and runs off, fleeing to a nearby tree.

It is when he arrives at this tree that the little one feels and wishes with all his strength to exchange for him: he wants to have those new shoes. Suddenly, he succeeds: he is sitting on the previous bench while, in the distance, he observes how the other boy runs around incredibly happy in the park.

Soon you discover what happens: appears the boy's grandmother of the new sneakers and I get a wheelchair: the little one can not walk.

Reflection on materialism

An essential video for reflect with our children on how material we are and what are the really important things: the child felt very sad and dejected because he did not have shoes, and he who had them could not use them, but he did not look sorry.

You can watch the short film, which only lasts three minutes, with your children and ask questions so that, together, you can get the most out of it: there is a lot of hidden message about what is good reflect with the youngest.

Angela R. Bonachera

Video: The Most Beautiful Thing (Short Film)

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