10% of video game users will develop addiction to them

The addiction to video games It has become a much talked about issue at the beginning of 2018 after the World Health Organization, WHO, announced that this year this dependence would be considered a mental illness. A warning to monitor some behaviors in young people who resort to this form of digital leisure.

Now it's time to ask, how many people are at risk of developing this addiction? What are the symptoms that this dependency is brewing? From the Spanish Society of Dual Pathology, SEPD, an estimate is offered and according to the data of the professionals, 10% of the users of video game They will end up presenting these behaviors.

Risk factor's

The first thing that is clarified from SEPD is that not all video game users are addicted. This form of digital leisure impacts negatively only when there is an alteration in school, social and family life. This is what the doctor explains Néstor Szerman, head of the Retiro Mental Health Services, of the Gregorio Marañon University Hospital and founding president of the SEPD.

It is estimated that 10% of people exposed to the use of video games will develop addiction problems. At this point you have to take into account risk factor's of each person to be able to work on their prevention. These young people are more vulnerable to these situations and end up presenting dependence on this form of digital leisure.

Elements such as social isolation or background in the family of other addictions they have to be watched as they can lead to this addiction to video games. From SEPD also consider this proposal to include addiction to video games as a new mental illness interesting is an interesting debate because it allows in the future to open new lines of research to prevent these behaviors.

Addict behaviors

The best way to prevent addiction to video games is to detect it from the beginning to work in this regard. These are some of the signs that the WHO highlights in this regard:

- Lack of control over the game. The person is not able to control their behavior with the video game and can not put limits on the time they invest in these activities or the times they do during the day or week.

- Total priority over video games. Video games happen to be above other vital interests and day-to-day routines such as housework or sports practices.

- Ignore the negative consequences. The person, even knowing the repercussions or consequences that may have on his life, will continue playing.

Damián Montero

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