First friends in Early Childhood Education

When the child starts school, he will have to open up to new people. Until now, we parents had been his best friends and he did not need anyone else to have a good time. However, in this stage that begins, the little one will enjoy with other children of his age, his first playmates.

Starting to have friends now is a very important step that will allow you to train in social relationships for a future. But let's not kid ourselves; these friendships do not survive over time, since the friendship of four or five years is not the same as that of adolescence, more solid and mature. While our son is small, his playmates will only be that, companions with whom to learn to relate and live together.

The sociability of children, a natural process

During this stage, we will check that our child's behavior with the other children will never be dependent, even though they can spend hours playing. We will see that even if you spend weeks without seeing them, you will never miss them too much. When they get back together they will be very happy and will play with them as always. We will also observe that pushes, fights and bad moods are common among them, and that at these ages they still have not developed the necessary sensitivity for social relations.

Sociability is a natural process that will change over the years. When our son reaches adolescence he will take the last steps towards total social maturation. Only then will be able to form friendships and keep them. He will no longer want to be friends with his friends to satisfy his own needs, but also those of others. But while it is small, its social relations will be based fundamentally on other aspects like the company, the proximity, the common interests or the similar likings.

How to help you make friends

Although a child who has not attended day care before age three, can have the same socialization as another who has. In this part, parents should be a great help for our son when it comes to socialize and we must work several points:

1. Communication: From the beginning you must be fluid, dynamic and affectionate.

2. Take him to the park so that she gets used to interacting with other children.

3. Organize excursions with other families that have children of similar ages.

4. Facilitate relationships, inviting his little friends home.

Why are friends so important?

What we should never give up is that our son has friends. It is true that the sensitive period of friendship will arrive later (between 12 and 15 years old), but this can not be an excuse for not working this facet of our children. If we manage to gradually become accustomed to living together, to respect, to develop and strengthen certain habits then we will have paved the road a great deal. The friendships of our son make him grow as a person, in addition to teaching and educating him.

What must be considered

- The game is a good method to educate our son in friendship and companionship. Therefore, we should try to devote a certain amount of time to this activity every day.

- We do not allow our son to become an excessively homeless child. This isolation could be harmful to him tomorrow.

- There are children who are not as skilled at making new friends as others. Maybe we have to be the ones who give him a little push.

- We must gradually develop their autonomy, adjusted to his age. Not to do for the child anything that he is capable of carrying out by himself.

- It is advisable not to insist in front of people If at any time you do not want to say hello or play with other children.

- Let's ask teachers how it relates With the children in your class, they can be very helpful in reinforcing our child's ability to adapt to their new classmates.

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