Dacia Logan MCV. True to its principles

Young but renewed, the new Dacia model acclimates to the most familiar environments, for its functionality, as to the most adventurous, for its modern and innovative style. The Dacia Logan, despite its relative youth as a model, can already be considered a classic of the brand, which grows both versions and users.

Dacia has recently renewed the model to make it more attractive in its exterior appearance and with some improvements in its interior to increase functionality and image. They are changes that affect the entire range, from the four doors to the more familiar versions MCV and the more adventurous version Stepway.

Without competition in the economic field

It should be noted that all improvements make this car remains true to its principles of practicality, functionality and, most importantly, within a range of very interesting prices, from 8,890, euros on four doors, and 9,945 euros, in the relatives.

And it must be said that in this segment there is practically no competition in the economic field; which does not mean that, because it is more accessible, it stops having some minor qualities in the same range of difference, with any other similarly sized models, around 4.5 meters in length. In addition, it applies to both the saloon and the MCV family.

The main changes affecting the exterior are seen more in the front, with a modified grill and bumper; as well as the design of the lights, which now have their distinctive LED daylight, which gives it a higher category appearance. The rear changes are minor and are more marked on the four doors when modifying the design of the lights.

The interior is more modern, with a new four-spoke steering wheel that now also plays host to the horn control, which was somewhat outdated in the indicator bar. It has also changed the position of the push buttons of the power windows, now on the doors, as usual.

Setpway termination

The Setpway version offers a more adventurous and youthful finish, with door handles in color, different upholstery, which was already premiered in the new Sandero, and a decoration in the specific console. Likewise, it also inherits the new equipment that premiered in the central range at the end of 2016; In addition to having the rear proximity radar and hill start help, now standard, and the reversing camera appears (depending on the version).

In addition to the multiple storage spaces scattered around the passenger compartment, the rear passengers have lighting on the roof and a 12V socket to connect and recharge all their portable devices. The glove compartment also has lighting.

New 75 HP engine

Within the renewal of the range, the new Logan have a new engine of three cylinders of a liter of displacement, called SCe 75, the same that is already mounted on the Renault Twingo and that here yields 75 horses, enough to move with lightness the car and, most importantly, with a reduced consumption. The 90-horsepower TCe gasoline engine is maintained and the diesel cycle has two options, 75 and 90 horsepower. In addition, a mixed version of gasoline and LPG gas is available that generates 90 horses.

As standard, all engines are fitted with a five-speed manual gearbox and it is optionally possible to mount a five-speed automatic transmission with the 90-horsepower versions. In the case of the Stepway, this version is only available with the TCe and 90 horsepower dCI engines.


Engines: 75 hp SCE petrol, 90 hp TCe. Diésel dCi 75 and 90 HP.
Transmission: 5 speed manual and automatic 5 speed in TCe and ICD of 90 CV.
Brakes: Front ventilated discs and rear drums.
Address: With hydraulic assistance.
Length: 4.50 meters.
Capacities: Trunk 573 liters.
Prices: From € 8,890 for four doors and € 9,945 for a family member.

Francisco DEL BRÍO. Newsmotor

Video: Dacia Logan MCV (2014)

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