The benefits of accomplishing housework

Carrying a home entails numerous responsibilities, from securing the economic support of the home to meeting certain labors It is the responsibility of the members of this unit. Tasks that a priori may seem tedious because they involve sacrificing moments of leisure. However, doing household chores has long-term benefits.

This has been shown by a study of University of Buffalo where they have found the benefits that the housework. One more reason to fulfill the tasks that are required to maintain a home and that should serve the parents as an excuse for their children to participate in the proper development of the family unit.

Minimum physical activity

The researchers from the University of Buffalo focused their hypothesis on the benefits that domestic work could have as a minimum performance physical activity. While they can not be compared to other exercises such as running or swimming, taking care of these tasks is a movement that makes the body of people enter a phase similar to that of exercise.

"Doing some exercise is better than doing nothing, even when you do not reach the levels of physical activity recommended by the guidelines," he explains. Michael LaMonte, leader of this investigation. To verify this theory, the researchers analyzed data from more than 6,000 elderly women who were asked about their activity at home.

The data from this analysis showed that the risk of dying was a 39% lowest among women who spent 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day, according to the study. These less intense practices included regular tasks such as folding clothes, sweeping the floor, or washing windows. Moderate to vigorous activity included brisk walking or biking, the authors said in a university news release.

Values ​​of domestic tasks

Domestic tasks not only provide health benefits, they also help to learn valuable values, especially among the youngest ones:

- Responsibility. By depending on them in certain aspects for the proper functioning of the house, they will feel more responsible.

- Independence. By not giving them all facts, we encourage them to do it for themselves, to mature before and to be more autonomous.

- Self esteem. Seeing that you trust in your work at home helps you feel needed in the family.

- Social adaptation. Acquiring a certain commitment in the family with household chores, will help them to join a society in which they will have to work, follow orders and be organized.

- Evaluation of cooperation. At home you can learn the advantages of collaborating and fostering camaraderie, learn to respect and work as a team.

Damián Montero

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