Radio Sol and the Lunnis celebrate the end of the season with a concert


Diverclub, the children's program Radio Sol XXI, leader of the radio in Madrid celebrates the end of the year with the children's animation duo Juan "D" and Beatriz, who are very well accompanied by The Lunnis will offer a very special concert, in the New Apollo Theater from Madrid.

The populars LUCHO, LUBLU, LULILA Y LUPITA from Los Lunnis (Clan TVE) will sing all the successes of the program Juan "D" and Beatriz "The musical rocket" which will be the farewell concert in Madrid of this show that has toured Spain with great success.

The Musical Rocket, the show of Juan "D" and Beatriz, and the Lunnis

Juan "D" and Beatriz they have been traveling the space for five years with their friends Lunnis and touring the Spanish geography, with great success, in The Musical Rocket. Now they come to New Apollo Theater to offer you a wonderful and colorful show that you can not miss.

And is that in their journey through the musical space have to stop on the road to offer this Farewell Tour! Borrator is doing his thing in Rainbow City and they need them there more than ever.

So, Juan "D" and Beatriz park the Musical Rocket making some stops as a finishing touch of this journey of the presenters of Clan TV.

Sunday, May 28 at the Teatro Nuevo Apolo

Victor and Alicia, presenters of the Diverclub and Diverpapis programs of Radio Sol XXI invite you to attend this spectacular concert for the whole family. An unforgettable and hilarious experience to be held on Sunday May 28 at 12:30 h.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the Farewell Tour of Juan "D" and Beatriz with the Musical Rocket. Tickets for the Concierto de Juan "D" and Beatriz at the Teatro Nuevo Apolo have a price starting at 10€. The price of the entrance may vary depending on the area of ​​the theater selected. Do not miss out on tickets for the Musical Rocket!

Tickets are now on sale:

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