New Year's Eve party, the talk you should have with your children about alcohol

The Last night of the year, a very special event that means the farewell of a whole series of experiences, both good and bad, and the beginning of a new opportunity to do everything that did not give time this year. In short, New Year's Eve, a very exciting and happy night that many young people want to celebrate with their friends at a party.

The New Year's Eve party supposes the exposure to many dangers, as for example, the consequences of exposure to alcoholic beverages. To avoid risks and problems that muddy New Year's Eve, it is advisable to talk with the children before they attend these events and start the year with a misfortune.

Talk about alcohol: do not wait for New Year's Eve

The talk about the prevention of alcohol consumption it's not something exclusive of the New Years Eve. The communication on this type of matters is something that has to be prolonged throughout the year. For this, nothing better than being accessible all the time to your children, as indicated by the Foundation for Assistance to Children and Adolescents at Risk, ANAR, it is recommended to be always ready to solve all the doubts that may arise to young people in topics such as alcohol consumption.

Thanks to the creation of a dialogue environment it will be easier than in those occasions when the young person will face an alcohol consumption, start a conversation about the possible effects of these substances be easier. This talk should be clear and make clear the risks faced by a teenager who drinks and the possible long-term consequences they face. You have to make them understand that their sense of curiosity can cause serious health problems in their body still developing.

Clear rules to go out on New Year's Eve

Younger people should understand that trust implies sacrifices on the other hand. For example, accept a series of rules that parents also mark for the New Year's Eve party. In case your teenager asks to go to a Christmas party, you have to establish a series of rules such as one of the parents is the one who takes them to the place of the event and specify a pick-up time.

It will also be necessary to make clear that the confidence of the future will depend on their behavior in this event. If the adolescent has tried alcohol or has skipped any of the rules marked for example move to another place different from the one he said, next time he will stay at home.

Violating these indications will have consequences in your future trips.
Likewise, positive behaviors should be rewarded by parents. If a young person meets the standards, this means that confidence has been gained for future departures. Of course, this does not mean that the basic demands as for example the schedules can be broken.


Consumption of alcohol: preach by example

It is useless to warn about the consumption of alcohol and its dangers if then the parents are the first to be overtaken with this type of drinks. During the different Christmas dinners, adults must behave at the table, do not ingest these substances in excess. If the 'authority' complies with the rules, young people can not excuse themselves by saying "you did it".

Educate with the example It will also mean making them see that alcohol is not a fun tool and that many more things can be done in these meetings with which to have fun. Dancing, chatting with friends or enjoying table games are ways to entertain yourself on these dates.

Damián Montero

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