How to face the step from Primary to ESO?

For many students this return to school is going to be a very important moment both academic level as in his life. It will be in this year when they leave Primary and begin the Compulsory Secondary Education, an academic cycle that changes things as they knew them until now and that as in any alteration, it should be a while before getting used to them.

So that this change does not become so uphill, it is convenient prepare students that they are going away to initiate in this academic cycle that can choke in some cases and where there are four years of constant pressures. Especially from the third year of THAT, which is where more decisions have to start making very important decisions.

Why is ESO important?

ESO can be hard in the first place because the difficulty of the study it increases quite. New subjects appear that can be more demanding than in some cases they can choke. Also for some students it means changing their school and going for the first time to the Institute where the youngest preadolescent has to move in an environment that in some cases already has adult high school students, which may end up overwhelm them.

After the first two ESO courses this difficulty increases this difficulty and in addition the first decisions aimed at academic future how to choose electives that mark your next career. In addition, the change from the school to the institute can also sometimes mean that the student has to find new friends and spend some time until he creates a new group.

How to deal with the change from Primary to Secondary

Given all these changes, it becomes obvious that the student need help to face these developments in his academic life. The family environment can be of great help in this regard as it can provide emotional support to help with some content you do not understand. These are some ways that the student can face the new cycle of studies:

1.- Know the new center. If the case of your child is one of those who change the school by the institute, it is convenient that you go to know your new study center so that the change is not so traumatic. Ask the institute where you will go if you can organize visits in which the future student of ESO knows these facilities in which he will develop his academic life.

2.- Remind you that you are older. It is often forgotten that the student who enters ESO is already almost a teenager from whom some responsibilities are expected in the classroom. For this reason it is convenient to remind him that he has grown older and that he has to demonstrate a certain maturity in his school.

3.- Make him understand that it is a new opportunity. Maybe the student has not had too many academic successes at school, you have to make him understand in this case that the change from Primary to Secondary can be a new opportunity with which to apply more and improve their results.

4.- Inform you of the new matters. The ESO supposes the appearance of new subjects that can seem more difficult, it is convenient to speak to them of these new subjects that it will have and without getting to treat its contents deeply, they can be made see what is what they will treat in them.

5.- Explain that you should value your future. Perhaps the first two ESO courses are not as significant as the last two years of this academic cycle. However it is convenient to make him understand that already in Compulsory Secondary Education he will have to make decisions that will mark his future, but beware, do not insist too much or he may be overwhelmed by some demands that although it is advisable to go making them see, it is not good to repeat in excess.

Damián Montero

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