Most Spaniards become more cautious at the wheel when they become a father

When a person has their first child, it does not matter if they are women or men: responsibility comes hand in hand with fatherhood. This is the case in many aspects of daily life, and one of them is driving. According to a study prepared by Direct Seguros, most Spaniards become more cautious when they have children.

Specifically, 68 percent of Spaniards admit that they are the best driver when traveling with minors in the car, which comes to ratify one of the conclusions of the study: becoming parents and traveling with children is one of the reasons that most influences when driving.

Mothers and fathers at the wheel

The differences by sex are notorious. In the case of men, 58 percent of respondents admit modify your driving habits more when you use the car with your children. The percentage is 38 percent in the case of women who admit to becoming more cautious when their children are in the car.

What exactly changes when a child goes in the car? The survey of this insurer reveals that half of Spaniards (52 percent) say they drive more slowly. Likewise, in 54 percent of the cases they admit reduce overtaking maneuvers.

Another major change has to do with responsibility: 56 percent of the participants in the study emphasize that they pay more attention to the road when traveling with their children and 54 percent say that do not skip traffic lights in amber or red.

Dismiss when driving

The use of electronic devices and gadgets in the car is one of the reasons why more confusions and accidents causes in Spain. It is not surprising that this is one of the factors behind the wheel that drivers change the most when they take the children from the house in the car: 52 percent of respondents use fewer mobile devices, GPS or radio.

It is also striking that 40 percent recognize that travel with children it is safer than doing it with adults, although one in three points out that it can also be more dangerous because of stress and forgetfulness that minors can generate according to what cases.

By gender there are also differences, because parents consider in 34 percent of cases that driving with their children is safer because increase caution while for mothers the percentage drops to 22 percent.

Another of the driving factors influencing children is in the type of vehicle. It is well known that the type of car is very important when it comes to having a more responsible and comfortable driving, which is related to this fact: 63 percent of the respondents indicate that changed or changed your car after having a child. In fact, 27 percent opt ​​for a larger model and 21 percent for vehicles that incorporate specific features for families, such as the ISOFIX system.

Angela R. Bonachera

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