Video: perfect women ?, better to be than to do

We live in a society in which the pressures and cultural demands that fall on women are many, and therefore, many women are striving to do too many things, to become ..., to become women perfect, in the perfect mother, in the perfect wife ... and the price paid for the road is very high. This interesting video seeks to reduce the pressure that mothers feel to be perfect.

These pressures are focused on our physique, on our ability, on our intelligence, on our professional development ... and they increase as we age. And in that race against the clock, against the passage of time, towards the unattainable goal of rubbing the "divinity", some women have said enough and have had the deference to recapitulate at the end of their days and advise others, who like them, They have let in these pressures.

Breathe, relax and let go: find your sanctuary

In order to achieve this, the Sanctuary brand has created a video: perfect women ?, better BEING TO DO, that is becoming viral. It has the advice of women who really know the importance of taking a step back from time to time and appreciate the precious moments of life.

This platform created the video as a result of a survey conducted earlier this year to UK women about their lifestyle and almost half said they felt moderately or extremely pressured and, surprisingly, 40 percent of these women said who feel under the pressure of being the "Perfect Woman" and as if they were "about to burn".

The reason is that, according to the platform, "from our day to day without end, we feel the pressure that the media puts on us to be the" perfect woman. "We rush to try to do more, be more, give But we do not need to be like that, it's not healthy. #LetGo of all this pressure once. "

Motherhood and the social pressure of the perfect woman

In this video, we found a beautiful message: change the DO for the BE. The women participants remember that there is a turning point in life that is motherhood, an emotional moment without equal in which the woman is naturally predisposed to dedicate herself exclusively to take care of her children. It is then when the woman undergoes deep changes at emotional level and personal identity that require an adaptation. Your needs, priorities and mental patterns change.

With the arrival of the baby, there are many mothers who have the constant feeling that they do not reach everything, that the situation surpasses them and they are not able to do everything correctly or as they think it should be. Feelings of guilt often arise, which even cause mothers to block themselves in many moments. But, the important thing is to know that it is not necessary to be a perfect mother. So when many of these women look back in time, what they would most like to stretch is the stage of being able to cradle their babies in their arms and kiss them before bedtime. Do not miss these tips to overcome this wonderful stage of life.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

Video: Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Official Music Video)

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