Week 34. Pregnancy week by week

Changes in the pregnant woman: week 34 of pregnancy

Your uterus keeps growing so the discomfort of the previous weeks relative to the digestive and respiratory system will persist. In addition, it will be normal to increase your flow and increase your need to urinate.

Other symptoms that are repeated are: the appearance of stretch marks by the weight gain and the stretching of the skin (do not forget to apply moisturizing cream at least twice a day). This stretch may also cause you Itching in the belly, buttocks, chest or thighs and even some red blisters or pimples They are known as pruritic and urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP).

It is common for the 34-week-old to suffer dizziness or dizziness. Keep in mind that both your cardiovascular and nervous systems have to adapt to your body, so it is normal to get up too quickly, have low blood sugar, severe anemia or excessive heat cause the so-called supine hypotensive syndrome, What happens when you're lying on your back?

Development of the baby in week 34 of pregnancy

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Already It measures 45 cm although it can reach 50 and its weight exceeds two kilos. It is very similar to how it will be at birth thanks to the increase in body fat, which makes your skin tighten. There are cases in which the 34-week-old baby has chubby cheeks.

Although every day the uterus is smaller, it will continue to move, reacting in a noticeable way to different stimuli, do the test! Further:

1. Your brain connections continue to increase.

2. Alternate moments of sleep with others of activity. It is essential that you encourage the baby's rest, avoiding continuous discomfort that may be harmful.

3. His lungs continue to mature.

4. I often have hiccup (involuntary contraction of the diaphragm) although you do not always notice it.

5. You are beginning to lose the lanugo (the thin layer of hair that covers his body).

6. Your immune system is already capable of fighting small infections.

The health of the pregnant woman at week 34 of pregnancy

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It is very important thatue rest and relax your rhythm of life for two reasons: on the one hand, to respect the baby's rest, and on the other, to gather strength for the day of delivery. If you are going to spend a lot of time, stop trying to distribute the weight using special girdles for pregnancy.

It remains essential that the 34-week pregnant woman take care of your eating habits to avoid problems such as gestational diabetes or arterial hypertensionl. Remember:

1. Better five or six meals, lighter and easy to digest, than three very abundant.

2. Cooked on the grill or steamed, avoiding fried

3. Do not forget the carbohydrates, great contribution of energy

4. Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables

5. Keep the calcium intake with milk, eggs and other dairy products

6. Limit the consumption of sweets, sugary soft drinks, snacks, pre-cooked dishes *

Control of pregnancy at week 34 of pregnancy

At this point of pregnancy you will be in full preparation course for childbirth. In addition to explaining what is necessary for that day, they will tell you about the necessary equipment to take to the hospital, tips for breastfeeding and some newborn baby care. You may do sophrology classes, a relaxation technique to achieve body - mind balance.

It is likely that you have already done what, in principle, will be your last ultrasound. For more information, in these articles of pregnancy week by week, you should know that in this ultrasound is studied and monitored:

1. Anatomy of the fetus.

2. Fetal cardiac activity.

3. Fetal movements.

4. Characteristics of the placenta.

5. Characteristics of umbilical cord.

6. Fetal weight (estimated).

7. Gestational age (estimated).

Your gynecologist will also check the baby's placement for delivery.

Pregnancy calendar week to week

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