Children's Christmas movies to watch at home

Christmas is a great time in which family time prevails. The Christmas spirit invites us to be happy and to show ourselves charitable with others, as well as to be an example of good people, of forgiveness and solidarity. To teach all these important values ​​to your children, what if you choose the cinema? We give you ideas

Directly or indirectly, there are many films that at this time speak of the Christmas spirit. If you are looking for a title for a night of 'home cinema', do not miss this selection of films from before and now to put at home, you will have a great time!

Movies with Christmas values

A christmas carol / Christmas story

The Dickens classic can not be absent from a selection of feature films about Christmas. Ebenezer Scrooge is a grumpy and grumpy character who treats his loyal employee Bob Cratchit and his cheerful nephew with contempt and bad manners. But, when the spirit of the past, present and future Christmass drags him on a journey during which he discovers truths that he has always refused to see, the old miser's heart lights up and he realizes that he must act immediately to counteract so many years of selfishness and resentment. Adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic, which uses the same animation technique as "Polar Express" and "Beowulf".

The polar Express

On a snowy Christmas night, a child embarks on an extraordinary train journey to the North Pole. From that moment begins an adventure that will serve to know yourself and that will teach you that magic can always be present in life on condition of believing in it.

Rudolph the reindeer with the red nose

This is the extraordinary story of Rudolph, the reindeer who with the light of his red nose guides the sleigh of Santa Claus. Before you will live a great adventure. At first, as everyone laughs at his strange nose, Rudolph flees to the North Pole. But Rudolph is brave and will face the evil queen of the ice to help Santa Claus save Christmas.

Miracle in the city

During a Christmas parade organized by Macy's department store, the man who plays Santa Claus is replaced by indisposition. An old man named Kris offers himself to Mrs. Walker, responsible for the parade, to play Santa Claus. After the parade is hired to give the type of character perfectly, but everything is complicated when he says he is the real Santa Claus. Remake of the film of the Fox "Of illusion also lives" (Miracle on 34th Street) of 1947.

Jack Frost

Jack Frost, a singer who spends most of his time traveling, can not take as much care as he wants of his son Charlie. When he dies in a car accident, Charlie is very sad until Jack returns reincarnated as a snowman.

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