Being ambitious, is it positive and negative?

Ambition is healthy and positive when it develops projects and works as a motor that invites us to improve, grow or progress, that is, to abandon conformism and mediocrity, and to work with willpower. Ambition is healthy when it is considered that the desired objective and the means used to achieve it are reasonable.

Ambitious people who feel the desire to surpass themselves every day to go further have a positive ambition, because everything is possible with determination, effort and dedication. Positive ambition achieves the motivation and determination necessary to achieve goals and goals in life.

What characterizes a person with positive ambition

1. It's creative.
2. It grows before difficulties.
3. Your desire is others also achieve your personal growth.
4. He does not give up easily because he seeks to improve himself.

Tips to be an ambitious positive

- Value the positive and negative aspects of each of the goals you aspire to. You can make a list with the pros and cons, and how it will affect the people involved.
- Develops the benefits and disadvantages of the effort required to achieve the goal you want and analyzes if the cause is justified by the media.
- Reflect on the future, how far you want to go and where it is going to take you to achieve that goal.

Negative ambition

Unbridled ambition is also synonymous with negative when, for those who are motivated by ambition, "the end justifies the means", and does not take into account the damage that may be caused by their attitude to other people, or there is no adequate valuation between the effort invested and the goal that is obtained change.

Sometimes ambition is often confused with greed, when a person can harm himself or others to get what he wants. Ambition in contrast, has to do with the desire to be better.

Ambition is also the burning desire to possess riches, fame, power, honors ... However, from the ethical point of view there must be a limit so that such ambition does not become harmful or dangerous when the ambitious person violates ethical or legal norms and harms others.

Characteristics of an ambitious without limits

1. Look for increasingly difficult goals and challenges.
2. Always need a little more uncontrollably, nothing seems enough.
3. He is always dissatisfied with the achievements.
4. You need to prove that you are able to get what you want.
5. Feel compelling desires to beat potential competitors.
6. Your value as a person is conditioned by the success obtained.
7. Has a constant need to control situations.

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