How to achieve a safe return to school

Children spend a large part of their day in schools and carry out sports activities - physical education, extracurricular activities and games - which involve risks. Many accidents can not be avoided, but we can prevent many of them with practical advice.

For this reason, Calmatopic, with the aim of making a back to school safer, gives us a series of recommendations, since in the schools 18 percent of child accidents occur.

A review of the children's wardrobe

Looking ahead to this year's purchases, check the clothes you buy for the children and the ones you already have at home:

1. Avoid the cords. For example, in the hoods and opt for the Velcro, the buttons (large) or the zippers. If school clothes inevitably have laces, such as pants, it is important that they remain in the inside of the garment for avoid snagging unnecessary.

2. Replace the scarves with a collar or panty, which will prevent the child from getting hooked in any place or even that in the typical playground games the children will get injured.

3. Check the size of your shoes. The shoesthey must be from the suitable size neither bigger nor smaller. Buying larger shoes thinking that the foot will grow in the next few months can lead to ankle sprains or even small falls, since the foot is not subject. It is important that we review that the rubber sole or similar materials that provide flexibility and have anti-slip properties.

Safe school supplies

The National Institute of Consumption carried out a study in 2010 in which more than 400 products of school supplies for children and the conclusion was that more than 61.5 percent of the material analyzed It has some kind of defect.

In school materials we must also pay attention. We must choose adhesives and liquid correctors that contain all their components on the labels and especially without attractive shapes (simulate food, gums with bright colors) that induce children to put them in their mouths.

If our children are under three years old, we will not buy items with shapes or small pieces that can be swallowed.

Materials such as scissors, cutters or staplers should always be used under the supervision of an adult. For younger children, we will buy scissors with the rounded tip.

The school, a safe space

It is also important that schools implement all protection measures within their reach, in accordance with the regulations in force. We can not forget either the role of the teaching staff in the accident prevention, who, in a playful way with their work in the classroom, should transmit to the youngest children the importance of safety in their environment.

Finally, we must be aware that changes affect the little ones and with the return to school the nerves arrive to see the friends, the hurry to be punctual, the races to be the first in the row ...

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