The best plans for a family bridge

The Puente del Pilar arrives. On October 12 many school children will live a national holiday translated into a day of rest that adds to the weekend. Three days that can be used to be in family to make many plans. No doubt a good opportunity to reconnect after the return to school and the shortage of quality time between parents and children.

While these days of rest can not be equated to a vacation, they do allow rest and strengthen the bond between parents and children. These are our proposals to make the most of Puente del Pilar as a family and disconnect while enjoying these activities.

Last minute getaway

A trip is always a good choice. There are many options that can be chosen, from visiting a booking portal on the internet to finding a last minute offer to facilitate this family getaway. Although in the case of not having the luck to find this price that allows the transfer of all the members, we must not discard this plan either.

There are many nearby destinations to visit on the same day. Nearby towns, small charming towns, etc. You just have to get up early, prepare a bag of provisions and decide where to go. An early departure day and a return to last ensure a family day that will undoubtedly be enjoyed to the fullest.

Exploit the culture

If the offer of trips is great, the one of the cultural catalog is not left behind either. Plays, musicals, visits to museums, etc. Many are the options that are offered in a city but that due to accumulation of responsibilities are not enjoyed. The Puente del Pilar is the perfect occasion for it.

As easy as booking an entrance and going with the family to the place where this offer takes place. For a good choice nothing better than sitting at the table and sharing all the tastes of the family and deciding whether to go to a specific work, or a museum of history, plastic arts, etc.

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