The joy of living and the pedagogy of amazement

"The pedagogy of amazement" was the title of that article that so impressed me a few weeks ago. How important it is to know how to be astonished opportunely and appropriately! In effect, to be amazed at one's own body and its movements, to breathe and look, to live! And who does not know how to do it, how much is lost!

To be amazed is to give importance, value, become aware of something extraordinary. And it does not matter that it is about the extraordinary in the course of the ordinary.

Those who know how to be amazed learn to take the pulse of their own lives, discover themselves rich in living, with a fine palate for events and experiences. And the consequence is joy, joy and good humor that like almost all goods never come alone. When we know how to be amazed, a psychological mechanism of feedback is established, through which the joy of living opens the doors to new channels of happiness and surprise.

A great anthropological principle teaches that just as joy and joy increase when they are shared, pain and grief are reduced when communicated. As stated by Pythagoras "If you want to multiply your joy, you will have to divide it and distribute it". What wisdom entails to act like this in the day to day!

You have to bet on optimism. How well Gregorio Marañón expressed it in the motto of his "ex libris": "If grief does not die, it is killed".

He who knows how to admire and contemplate in his itineraries every day will find a thousand reasons for the pleasant surprise: the possession of the gift of his own life and that of others, the talents he administers, the affection he receives and bestows, the awareness of his own transcendence and perhaps of his personal divine filiation, etc.

Thanks to our peculiar psychosomatic integrity between the integrating factors - the bio-psycho-socio-spiritual - there will always be points of support to recreate or reconstruct our happiness. What is there to learn? logically We are something very big and at the same time very needy. That is why it is so characteristic of man to begin and restart, to rectify and to learn to live. It is the way to arrive.

A stone in the road taught that my destiny was to roll and roll, but the arrierono told me that the first thing to arrive is that it is important to arrive.

Arrive! And get happy! Know how to see, want to look. And always loving! Test it. Of sure that you can. And how happy you will be!

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