Remedies for the colic of the nursing baby

One of the most frequent concerns that parents have in the first year of their child's life are those sudden cries, which one does not know how to calm down. His origin is as varied as unknown: he may be hungry, sleep or have sudden pains in the abdominal area for various problems. The infant colic cause pain and are identified by the baby's incessant and frantic crying

How to identify the different types of tears

With a little effort you will learn to identify the cry of your child and you can discard its different causes.

1. If you need to be rocked, the simple act of picking it up and cradling it will calm your crying. When the child stays for a long time, he only needs contact with his mother or father and, taking it a little, he calms down.

2. If you are cold or hot, you will cry irritably and angry. It will be easy to calm it by checking if you sweat or have cold hands. If the baby is afraid his crying is agonizing and with hiccups. The cause may be an unforeseen noise, a strong voice, a sudden movement. Usually a caress or listening to the voice of his mother or father is enough. The crying of discomfort is caused by dirty diapers for a long time. Just by putting it clean it will calm down.

3. When they cry for suffering from an infant colic, more frequent in nursing infants, crying is frantic and you can not reassure the child in any way. Another alert is when he cries after the night's shot. He can be comforted by holding him in his arms and cradling him.

Tips to reassure your baby

Each child is a world and parents are what you must find out the best way to calm them down.

1. Physical contact: Keeping the baby close to your body gives you security, avoids loneliness crises and promotes relationships with your parents. You can put it on your legs, or carry it in a specific baby backpack while doing other things.

2. Proximity: Sometimes children feel alone so they start to cry without comfort. Put him near you so he can see you while you work or read a book.

3. At another time you can use a blanket, a classic symbol of safety for the little ones. Babies like to feel covered by a soft tissue, which does not prevent movement.

4. Help you quickly: It is not good in the first months to leave the child to cry for a long period of time, because it can end up having an inconsolable crying.

5. The rhythmic sounds, that remind him of his mother's heartbeat are also a good way to calm him down; as well as rhythmic movements, such as cradling him in a rocking chair.

6. Put at your disposal some object with which you can be distracted and serve as a stimulus or companion. For example, a cell phone tied to the crib or a radio with relaxing music, etc.

More about the colic of the nursing baby

- Colic usually overcome before four months. Therefore, it is important not to get impatient to prevent your child's crying from increasing unnecessarily.

- If there is a sudden change in the pattern of crying or behavior or if the crying is accompanied by fever, severe vomiting, diarrhea, bloody stools or other abnormal symptoms or activity, it is advisable to go to the specialist story before.

- When crying, babies swallow more air, creating more gas and perhaps more abdominal pain which causes more crying when the baby's colic is aggravated. This vicious circle can be difficult to break. Rocking them gently can be a good painkiller; This is directly comforting and seems to help them get through the gas.

- When a child cries incessantly it can get very nervous, so taking a break is a good idea. Each of the parents can take charge and relieve the other. You can give more attention to the baby when you have had a chance to cool off. It also helps to sing lullabies or put them on a CD, and apply a hot towel on the belly.

Ana Aznar
Adviser: Dr. Luis Alberto Vázquez. Pediatrician.

Video: Pediatrics & Child Health Care : Newborn Colic Remedies

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