Educational Innovation, the axis of the social future

More than 1,400 teachers and 300 students gathered at the II International Congress of Educational Innovation that was held at the Zaragoza Conference Center on September 21 and 22.

Are the students able to stand still in a desk or would a school without walls work better? Is it necessary to rethink the spaces of the schools? Who leads and participates in pedagogical innovation? Are gamification and technologies the keys to change? What is the secret of the most innovative schools in the world?

These and many others are the questions that top-level speakers like Catherine L'Ecuyer, Rosan Bosch and Alfredo Hernando and more than 1,400 participants took part in the II International Congress of Educational Innovation, a forum organized by the Department of Education of the Government of Aragon that this weekend placed Aragon at the center of the debate on education of the future.

An international forum for educational innovation

The emotion in learning, the transformation of spaces and innovation in the classrooms are the thematic axes of the second edition of this international congress, which has had first-class speakers as the Dutch expert in motivation and new spaces Rosan Bosch, the Canadian Catherine L'Ecuyer and his theory to educate in amazement, the Dr. David Marsh -known for the development of pedagogical practices in Finland-, the Sevillian architect Santi Cirugeda with your ideas to self-build your own school and the emotional intelligence specialist Mar Romera. The congress has also had an active participation of students from different centers who have explained their experiences 'hacking' their educational spaces.

Education, Culture and Sports

In this forum we have enjoyed the opportunity to share and exchange experiences and knowledge between all and all members of the educational community, with papers, action spaces, inspiration, experiences and communications.

The transformation of spaces, the management of emotions and innovation has provided us, among others, some of the most powerful options to build innovative learning environments in which students learn, grow, be inspired, be excited and feel happier.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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